Why Is My Tik Tok Video Under Review?

Why Is My Tik Tok Video Under Review
TikTok is under review error message – If you’re being hit with the TikTok under review message, it usually means that something has been flagged – typically violence in the video, blood, or misinformation on a sensitive topic. Article continues after ad

How long does it take for TikTok to review a video?

Part 2. How Long Does It Take to Review a Tiktok Video? – As TikTok has grown in popularity, the length of time it takes to review videos has increased due to the sheer amount of content being uploaded. In most cases, TikTok will review your video in 48 hours and let you know whether it has been approved or taken down for violating the community guidelines. Why Is My Tik Tok Video Under Review

Does TikTok tell you if your video is under review?

Why Is My TikTok Video Under Review? Here’s the Scoop > > Why Is My Tik Tok Video Under Review Source: TikTok If you’re trying to upload a TikTok video and noticed that it’s a bit delayed due to it being “Under Review,” here’s the meaning behind that. By Apr.21 2021, Updated 11:27 a.m. ET So you just created what you believe to be a compelling piece of content on your smartphone video camera.

You’re gearing up to plaster it all over your socials to help perpetuate your own personal brand and move yourself one step closer to social media fandom. Article continues below advertisement You open up your application, select the video from your camera roll, and then hit upload. You wait for the clip to get posted into the web’s ether but you’re slapped with a message: Your video is under review.

You curse the heavens and shake your fist at the sky demanding, “What is the meaning of this?!” No, but really. What does it mean when your TikTok video is “under review”? Why Is My Tik Tok Video Under Review Source: YouTube Article continues below advertisement It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to know that a video being “under review” means that your clip is going to be delayed in uploading and that the content of said video needs to be reviewed. But why is that the case? Well, it is usually a good thing, and here’s why: Typically, this happens to accounts that are very popular or users who have a history of publishing TikToks that get a lot of traction/views.

  1. Because TikTok’s user base skews so young, the app’s developers are constantly ensuring that non-offensive, SFW (safe-for-work) content is being uploaded to the platform.
  2. Of course, they’re not able to curb every single video that contains salacious material or messaging that violates its community guidelines, which could be why they take extra precautions with some more popular accounts.
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But there’s another reason that your video may be under review. Article continues below advertisement Let’s say you don’t have a ridiculously high follower count or aren’t a super prominent TikToker but are still seeing that your video’s “under review.” It could be that some of your previous clips may have been reported on a few occasions, which could explain why the app is taking a little while before uploading your content to its video library.

  1. That is until the “review period” is officially over.
  2. And it’s not like there are throngs of people scouring TikTok’s countless videos to ensure that the community’s kept relatively safe.
  3. There’s an A.I.
  4. Algorithm that uses programming to check for items that look like firearms or excessive skin (for nudity) or any offensive words that are either stated out loud or put in the video’s captions.

Article continues below advertisement all my posts are under review tiktok i’m sorry for saying u support pedophiles when u support pedophiles 🙁 — hawkhatesyou (@hawkhatesyou) April 13, 2021 Sometimes a clip will stay “under review” if it gets too close to violating any of these guidelines, which you can find an entire list of by visiting,

Article continues below advertisement You won’t receive a special message or notification, but you will be told when you try to visit the video or upload it that it’s under review. If a video you uploaded is currently being monitored, you’ll notice that folks won’t be allowed to comment on that piece of content nor will the follower or view count go up.

Things should revert back to normal when TikTok deems everything is A-OK with it. I MADE A TIK TOK OF ME DANCING TO THE BOX AND I TRIED TO SHARE IT AND IT SAID IMMEDIATELY ITS UNDER REVIEW OMG — stephanie🎱 | grace era (@bicoaster) April 17, 2021 Article continues below advertisement You also will not be able to share your video (obviously) or embed it anywhere for online use.

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Adult-themed or sexually explicit content Gratuitous violence Spam Stealing another TikTok user’s video Community rules violation

Article continues below advertisement tiktok putting my video under review the second i post it😻😻😻 — skyler (@gojoscatgf) April 18, 2021 While one may argue that a lot of popular creators have either uploaded content like this in the past, TikTok reserves the right to remove/delete any video clips it sees fit.

  1. So you’re at the mercy of the app, but as long as you’re not doing one of those five aforementioned things, you should be good.
  2. But you just know that there’s probably someone out there who’s trying, right now, to upload a TikTok video that basically accomplishes all of these things in a single clip.

How long do you think it’ll take the A.I. to figure it out? Latest Influencers News and Updates : Why Is My TikTok Video Under Review? Here’s the Scoop

What is shadow ban on TikTok?

How to know that you are shadowbanned on TikTok? – Don’t be afraid if you face lower organic reach and engagement rates because it doesn’t mean that you are shadowbanned on TikTok at all. But even if you are, the tricky part is that TikTok will not notify you about the profile limitation, and that’s why they call it a shadow ban.

Lack of new followers Decreased video views, likes, comments, shares Videos are not found on the For You page You can’t upload a new TikTok video because it is under review or it has an endless processing time

All of this can be a loud alarm that your TikTok profile is in bad condition and the algorithm automatically limits it for a certain period. To fix this situation, you should go through all T ikTok terms of services, regulations, and community guidelines, Make sure you will not break some of them accidentally in the future and never face such a problem on the platform anymore.

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Why do I get so many views on TikTok but no likes?

This is perfectly normal on TikTok. It’s because TikTok shows all videos that are published on the platform to some people on their ‘For you’ page to see, if people like it or not. If the video gets a high engagement with this initial push, it will then be displayed to even more people.

Why is TikTok taking so long to review my appeal?

Typically, TikTok’s support team aims to respond to appeals within 24-48 hours, but it can sometimes take longer depending on the volume of appeals they are receiving. In some cases, appeals can be resolved within a few hours, while in others, it can take several days or even weeks.

Will I get my TikTok account back if I appeal?

How we retain your information if you appeal – As soon as the appeal process is complete, we’ll start the process of deleting the information you submitted, including any selfies, photos of your ID, and your email address (provided by you so we can communicate the appeal outcome).

  • If your appeal is not approved: • We’ll delete your account on day 120 (or day 30 in the U.S.) and start deleting all your other data.
  • You’ll have 113 days (or 23 days in the U.S.) from the date your account is banned to download your data,
  • If your appeal is approved: • As long as you have a TikTok account, we’ll keep a record of your date of birth, the fact that you appealed, how you appealed, and the result.

• We won’t keep a copy of your ID, if provided, but we’ll keep information relating to the ID authentication check carried out by our service provider. For example, the number of times your ID was reviewed if your first appeal was not approved and when our service provider sent us the authentication result.