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What To Ask In A Performance Review?

What To Ask In A Performance Review
Questions for performance reviews and sample answers

  • Is there room for growth within our department?
  • What goals should I work toward?
  • How can I help our team succeed?
  • What would make me a candidate for a promotion?
  • Am I meeting your expectations?
  • How are you measuring my progress?

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What should I ask during my performance review?

Performance review questions to ask about what you’re doing well – Hopefully, your manager gives you positive feedback without you having to ask for it, but if they don’t—or if you want to get feedback on something specific—you can always ask about it.

“What do you feel I’ve done well in the past year ?””What do you think my strengths are as a ?””Have you seen improvements in ?””Does anything stand out to you as one of my biggest successes or achievements since our last review?””You praised, What specifically do you think made it successful?””Is there any unique skill or perspective that you think I bring to the team?”

How do you impress a performance review?

Performance Review Questions: SMART Questions to Ask Your Manager in a Performance Review

1. Talk about your achievements – Discussing your achievements is a good way to impress your boss and highlight what you’ve been up to during the past year. Remember: your manager won’t know exactly what you do on a daily basis and they may overlook all the great things you’ve done.

However, it’s no good simply bragging about all your good work – you’ll need to provide solid proof, too. So, prepare a list of targets you’ve met and projects you’ve worked on, and maybe even print out a couple of emails praising your excellent customer service skills, This will essentially help you jolt your boss’s memory and also develop new career goals for the future.

Let’s say you overachieved your targets by 5%; next year, you could aim for 10%.

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What are the 3 C’s of performance?

Even the most experienced managers may sweat at the prospect of delivering a performance evaluation. These delicate conversations require speaking in just the right tone and communicating with utmost clarity, especially when emotions run high. UNC Professor Elad Sherf recommends using the framework of the three Cs — Clarity, Contextual Meaning, and Composure — as a guide for turning every performance review into an opportunity to demonstrate empathy and help employees achieve lasting growth, learning, and improvement.

What makes a successful performance review?

What are some effective phrases to include in an employee performance review? – The most useful feedback is clear, specific, and measurable. People managers should take care to offer feedback that is easy to interpret and actionable to address. Effective performance reviews use clear and concise language.

  1. They describe how an employee’s performance compares to expectations.
  2. Reviews include key accomplishments and examples of both strengths and weaknesses,
  3. They should also include expectations and goals for the coming year.
  4. This will guide the employee’s performance.
  5. Performance reviews should focus on observable and measurable performance.

They include specific examples and next steps to take. In other words, employees should be clear about how they can make improvements. Managers should avoid vague statements or exaggerations. They should point out opportunities for learning and adjustment rather than focusing on failures.

  • Improved production by X% by
  • Exceeded the original goal of X by X% through efforts to
  • Created a program that delivered X results, which were beyond our goal of Y
  • Continuously seeks to improve processes by
  • Effectively communicates status updates on important projects to key stakeholders
  • Has built strong working relationships with key partners, including
  • Initiates and executes innovative ideas such as
  • Makes a concerted effort to learn new skills and stay up-to-date on industry trends such as
  • Has made considerable progress offering solutions to problems, including
  • Goes above and beyond in their work. Examples include
  • Could be even more effective if
  • Can exceed goals next year by improving
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These phrases are a start, and you can use them to create a performance review template. But they should be followed with relevant examples, numbers and data, and ideas for future improvement.