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How To Write Review On Etsy?

How To Write Review On Etsy
To leave a review:

  1. Sign in to and go to Your account.
  2. Go to Purchases and reviews.
  3. Find the item you want to review.
  4. Choose the star rating next to Review this item.
  5. Describe the item and the service you received.
  6. Choose whether to add a photo or video (on the Etsy app) to your review.
  7. Select Submit Review.

Why can’t I review on Etsy?

Why can’t I leave a review on Etsy? – If you’re unable to leave a review, it could be because you’re not a registered Etsy user, the review window isn’t open, or because there is a case open on the transaction. Etsy limits the ability to leave reviews so that the system isn’t abused, and so that customers who leave reviews are verified as actual buyers.

Can someone write a review on Etsy without purchasing?

Can you leave a review on Etsy if you’re not an actual customer? The short answer is no. In order to leave a review on Etsy you have to have purchased the thing you’re reviewing from an Etsy shop, and you also have to be a registered buyer. This means that you can’t leave random reviews for products if you haven’t purchased them, or if you purchased them from the seller on a different platform. How To Write Review On Etsy

Are reviews on Etsy reliable?

5-star ratings – Scroll through the reviews on the product listing page or in a seller’s shop. Read what the seller’s customers have to say about how quickly items are shipped, if the objects look as good in person as depicted online, how the seller handles issues, and overall, their quality of customer service.

  • Etsy buyers are pretty honest with their opinions, so you’ll know right away if a seller doesn’t tend to deliver what they’re advertising.
  • After a shopper buys an item, they’re automatically sent an email from Etsy’s system, asking them to leave a review.
  • So the reviews left on Etsy are from verified buyers.
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Unless a seller creates several fake accounts and makes fake purchases, they cannot add fake reviews to their shop. Not all buyers will leave a review, but a shop with several 5-star reviews is a good indication that it’s safe to buy from them.

What percentage of people leave reviews on Etsy?

I think the average is somewhere in the 20%-30% range. Striving for 50% may be a bit unrealistic as many just do not leave reviews. I think it also depends if a shop has lots of guest checkout sales or gift orders shipping to the recipient. Those tend to not get reviewed at all.

Can a seller reply to a bad review on Etsy?

You can only respond to each review once. Choose your wording carefully. Although you can delete your response at any time, you can’t edit it or leave another response. Once you respond to a review the buyer will no longer be able to edit their original review or rating, even if you delete your response.

Why can’t my Etsy review be edited now?

If you don’t see the option to edit your review or leave one, it may be too late. You can edit your review any number of times during the 100 day review period. If a seller responds to your review, you can’t edit your review.

Why is the Etsy seller not responding?

What do you do when an Etsy seller doesn’t respond at all? – If an Etsy seller doesn’t respond to a message within 48 hours, send another message, or use an email address to verify that the original message wasn’t received. It’s possible that the first message didn’t get delivered, so it’s important to check before reacting negatively.

Customers can also contact the seller through social media messaging or through a website contact form if that option is available. I have people send me messages through my website contact form occasionally, and as long as it’s not my personal email (I would wonder where they got that one) I don’t mind how they message me.

However, I’ll probably move the messages back to Etsy. It’s usually better to try to keep all messages in one thread on Etsy so that the seller (and you) won’t miss any details, especially for custom orders. If the seller moves your messages from email back to Etsy that’s usually the reason.

  • I like to keep everything in one place so that I can refer back to one thread and not miss anything.
  • It’s also against Etsy’s policies to move transactions that started on Etsy off of Etsy, so many sellers want to keep everything on Etsy to make sure it’s clear that they’re not participating in “fee avoidance.” If you have to contact a seller outside of Etsy because they’re not responding on Etsy messages, and they still don’t answer you, that’s more problematic.
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If you’ve already placed an order and there’s no communication and the order hasn’t shipped, you may need to file a case. However, that should be a last resort, and it shouldn’t happen until you’re just not getting any response at all, and you’ve sent several messages.

  1. And again, keep in mind that weekends are often times when Etsy sellers don’t answer messages because they take time off.
  2. Most Etsy sellers are solo business owners who work from home, so we don’t have customer service centers available to answer things 24/7.
  3. If you send a message at 10pm on a Friday, you shouldn’t expect an answer until Monday.

Patience We’re also located in many different countries, so time differences can be an issue. Some sellers I know have had customers place an order around dinnertime, send a message in the middle of the night, then file a formal complaint with Etsy before the seller even got out of bed in the morning! That’s unnecessary and unreasonable, so if that’s what you would do, you probably need to settle down a little bit. Contact button on the shop’s home page. There are several ways to contact an Etsy seller. There is a contact button at the top of every shop’s home page, and that can be used to send a direct message to the shop owner. This is the most direct way to send a seller a general question. How To Write Review On Etsy When the message window on the listing page opens up, it might suggest that you check out the FAQ or listing description to find your answer. That’s often a faster way to find what you need instead of sending a message and waiting for an answer! If you’ve already placed your order, you can use those methods to contact the seller, or you can use the message button on your order page.