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How To Write An Airbnb Review?

How To Write An Airbnb Review
How to Leave a Review on Airbnb

  1. Log into your Airbnb account and go to your profile.
  2. Click on the ‘Reviews’ tab.
  3. Find the listing that you want to leave a review for and click on it.
  4. Choose a rating for your stay.
  5. Write some text for your review.
  6. Click ‘Submit’ and you’re done!

How do I write a good review on Airbnb?

Thought starters – The best reviews are helpful ones. Think about what you’d want to know before booking a stay or welcoming someone into your place. Highlight things like:

Your interactions with your guest, Host, and their associates—were they pleasant and respectful? Anything that made the stay special, like cleanliness, personal touches, convenience, amazing coffee Practical info: Was the Host helpful and available? Were you thrilled with the location? Was the listing accurate?

You’ll also have the option to leave private feedback, which will be shared when reviews are posted. Get more detail on how reviews work for stays,

What is an example of a good Airbnb review?

What is an example of an Airbnb host review? – An example of an Airbnb host review is: “Bob and Camila were two polite and wonderful guests. They were respectful to the house rules and communicated their arrival time in advance so the check-in process was extremely smooth. We would be happy to host them again!”

What is an example of a 5 star review for Airbnb host?

Check out: 300+ Airbnb Reviews for Guest s! – 02, Very tidy and lovely AirBnb apartment equipped with everything you need. A good bed and nice bathroom. (Host Name) is a great host and there when you need him, Very nice and wants to share all hé know about the area.

We had a great stay! 03, ( Guest Name ) has been a great guest! It would be my pleasure to host them again anytime. They left the place so spotless; I could not even tell if they stayed in the home! Thanks so much! I sincerely hope to host you again.04, (Guest Name’s), what a duo. Both very attractive and fun to be with.

Lexi, actually, is beautiful. Energy unlimited. We hope that they come back again. They were terrific! 4.1 was an exceptional guest who showed great respect for our home. They were easy to communicate with and left the space in excellent condition. We would be happy to host them again.4.2 and their friends were wonderful guests.

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They were polite, friendly, and left our Airbnb clean and tidy. We highly recommend them to other hosts and would gladly host them again.4.3 It was a pleasure hosting, They were considerate, quiet, and took great care of our property. We appreciate their effort to keep the space clean and would welcome them back anytime.4.4 was an ideal guest, maintaining excellent communication and treating our home with respect.

They left the space in perfect condition and we would be delighted to have them stay with us again.4.5 We thoroughly enjoyed hosting and their family. They were warm, friendly, and respectful of our property. The space was left in great condition, and we’d be happy to host them again.4.6 was a model guest, easy to communicate with and extremely respectful of our home.

They left the space clean and tidy, and we would gladly welcome them back in the future.4.7 Hosting was a wonderful experience. They were attentive to our house rules, maintained excellent communication, and left our Airbnb in superb condition. We highly recommend them to other hosts.4.8 stayed with us for a short trip and was an exemplary guest.

They were punctual, communicative, and left our home in a neat and tidy state. We’d love to have them stay with us again.

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How To Write An Airbnb Review 05, (Guest Name’s) were great. Singing their way home- they were polite and fun. I would totally recommend them as guests.06, A pleasure to host. Communicated well, warm and friendly, kept the place in great shape! We would welcome Cindi back anytime! 07,

(Guest Name’s), and the pup were great guest to host. They were considerate, polite, followed the rules and were good to have around. Would definitely recommend them as guest.08, I definitely recommend having ( Guest name ) as a guest in your home. She’s respectful, clean and a very kind-hearted person.

Easy to communicate with to arrange the stay, and mindful of the place in general. We also had some very unlikely friends in common thousands of miles away in another town, which is pretty damn cool i thought. Book ( Guest name ) to stay at your place! she’d good people.09,

  1. We are a regular Airbnb travelers and would rate Edit & Dado’s place as one of the nicest, best located, and real value of all the places we have stayed.
  2. The place was very clean, modern, had everything we needed to feel at home, and was an easy walk to all the sites we wanted to see.
  3. Also close to a big supermarket which was handy, and few steps to dozens of restaurants and cafes.
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Communication was great too. We would highly recommend this wonderful apartment.

This is an example of AirBnb review that we received for our ” Private 5 Star ” apartment,

10, ( GN ) was a great guest. She was friendly, easy to communicate with, and respectful of our house rules. I would happily host her again!

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11, ( GN ) was a great guest. We did not get to meet her in person, but she was quick to communicate and left our place clean. She can come back any time! 12, ( GN ) was east to communicate with. He followed house rules and left the home in great condition. ( GN ) and his family are welcome back anytime! Thanks for taking such good care of our new condo!

How do I write a good review for an apartment?

Strive to be specific, detailed, and objective. Present your experience as clearly and concisely as you can. Take care when you are writing to use proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Sloppy writing devalues what you are saying, even if your point is valid.

Should I be honest in my Airbnb review?

1. Honesty is the best policy – As a host, you must ensure that you leave an honest and accurate review of those who stay with you and that they’re based on your experience with them and how they took care of your vacation rental. If you were satisfied with everything, let other hosts know they were a pleasure to accommodate.

Should I write a bad Airbnb review?

If you really have bad experience of the stay and don’t want other guests experience it, leaving a negative is necessary. But if you think every thing is okay, but not so perfect as you want, you could describe your feelings in the review and give a 5 star if possible.

Do hosts have to review guests Airbnb?

To Ask or Not to Ask for Airbnb Reviews? – The answer is YES! You should always ask your guests for a review. Airbnb requests that hosts adhere to their content policy when it comes to asking for reviews. The Airbnb content policy specifically states that a host can ask a guest to leave an honest positive review or rating reflecting a positive experience.

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Many hosts never ask for reviews and still manage to obtain a good review rate. If you are providing a quality stay and communicating well, there is no reason why you should not get at least the 50% superhost requirement. However, many guests are not familiar with how important the reviews are, or simply get busy and forget.

A nice reminder for a review will bring back happy memories of their stay in your listing and you can even let them know how much their review means to you.

How do you say thank you to Airbnb?

I just wanted to say thank you for choosing to stay at my place. It was a pleasure hosting you, and you are welcome back anytime in the future! I’ll be sure to be writing a positive review. If you too had a good trip, could I please ask that you complete the review process and share any thoughts on your experience.

What makes Airbnb guests happy?

4. Comfort – Ask yourself, will you be happy if you don’t feel comfortable in the accommodation? No, right? So why should you make your guest suffer through an uncomfortable experience? Buy your furniture, decorate your space and stock your property keeping in mind the comfort of your guests.

Build a cozy space where everyone would love to stay and spend time so that you make your guests happy. Make the comfort of your guests your priority so that they know that you care. A comfortable stay is a happy stay. Furniture, appliances, entertainment, a fireplace, and many more items can be used to make your guests comfortable.

Just make sure your property is welcoming and you might want to stay there yourself. You can also read how to impress your Airbnb customer and prepare property for kids, See if you truly know your target audience and understand their needs then it will be easy for you to secure positive Airbnb guest review.