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How To Review Podcast On Spotify?

How To Review Podcast On Spotify
How to rate a podcast on Spotify Spotify Ludvig ‘Ludde’ Strigeus (born January 1981) is a Swedish programmer, best known for developing software such as the BitTorrent client μTorrent, OpenTTD, and Spotify. › wiki › Ludvig_Strigeus

Ludvig Strigeus – Wikipedia

? Navigate to the podcast on Spotify (not to a specific episode) and tap the star icon underneath the podcast description. On Spotify, you need to listen to at least one episode before you can rate the podcast. You can currently only rate a podcast in the Spotify mobile app.
How much does Spotify pay per stream? – Spotify pays artists between $0.003 – $0.005 per stream on average. That works out as an approx revenue split of 70/30 – so that’s 70% to the artist/rights holders and 30% to Spotify. REMEMBER: The rights holders of a song can include; the publisher, songwriter and the master recording owners (i.e. the artist and/or label if they’re signed to one).

Where is the podcast section on Spotify?

To find podcast charts: Open the Spotify app. Go to Search. Select Podcasts.

Where is the podcast library on Spotify?

How it works – Your Library helps you find your saved music and podcasts faster. It provides new ways to browse and organise your collection and provides easy access to your offline content. From the Spotify Homescreen simply tap the ‘Your Library’ icon and from there you can:

Tap one of the filters to only view your saved playlists, artists, albums, podcasts. Tap the magnifying glass to search your entire library Switch sorting orders and viewing mode to browse your collection as you please View all your downloaded content by tapping the “Downloaded” filter Access your settings by tapping your profile picture

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How do podcasts get ranked?

Apple Podcasts – From Apple’s blog post: Apple Podcasts Charts reflect the most popular shows and episodes available in a given market and are designed to help people discover what to listen to next. They do not reflect all-time listening records, and are not a measure of the largest podcasts by listenership.

Listening: When listeners are engaging with episodes, it’s an indicator of content popularity. Follows: When listeners follow a show to receive new episodes, it’s an indicator of their intent to listen. Completion Rate: When listeners complete episodes, it’s an indicator of content quality.

In August of 2022, Apple also released two new charts: Top Subscriber Shows & Top Subscriber Channels. Read more here, Spotify From Spotify’s blog post : Here are five new features to know about in the new Charts experience: “Top Podcasts” is where you’ll find the overall most popular shows—ones fans have been listening to for some time, and rising newcomers.

It’s determined by a combination of overall follower counts and the number of recent unique listeners. “Top Episodes” is where you’ll find of-the-moment trends in what people are listening to today. This chart is determined exclusively by the number of unique listeners on that day, providing a look into what’s buzzworthy at the moment.U.S.

users can also now find our Podcast Charts on the web in an all-new, easy-to-use browseable experience. (We’re exploring additional markets—stay tuned!) We’ve built our charts to be as trustworthy and transparent as possible: They’re based on a combination of number of unique listeners and number of followers and provide expanded opportunity for podcasters to get their shows discovered.

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How long does it take for Apple to review your podcast?

It can take ‘ up to 5 business days ‘ for Apple to process the submission, in our experience. If a few days have passed and your podcast still is not active in Apple Podcasts Connect, then you should contact Apple. We have observed significant delays in Apple’s processing of podcasts—as long as 10 days.

Why can’t I watch a podcast on Spotify?

Configure Your Settings in The Spotify App – Before you start streaming a video podcast on Spotify, you need to configure your settings in the Spotify app, By default, the app may not automatically play the video when streaming podcasts. To ensure video playback works as intended, open the App Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the top-right corner of the screen. For Android users, similarly, toggle to “off” the “Download audio only” and “Stream audio only” toggles in the settings in the “Data server” section. The reason you need to do this is that if you leave these features toggled “on”, you will not be able to access the videos of podcasts and songs uploaded with a video on Spotify, Also, when you want to download these videos, you will not be able to do it if these features are on.