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How To Review On Kijiji?

How To Review On Kijiji
How to view your own reviews – If another user has left you a review, it will appear on your profile after the 14-day reviewing window has closed. To see your own profile information:

  1. Open the app and tap Profile,
  2. Tap the My Ratings tab to see all of your reviews. The tab defaults to all of the most recent reviews.


  • Currently the option to leave reviews is only available for non-business users. When messaging users about ads in other categories, you will be able to see their reviews (if they have any), but you will not be able to leave a review.
  • To ensure the integrity of the review system, users are not able to edit or remove reviews on their own profile or someone else’s. Kijiji will also not mediate review-related disputes and published reviews will remain ‘as is’. Please give our a close read before leaving a review.

Still have questions?, Was this information helpful? : User Reviews

How reliable is Kijiji?

Your right to a comfortable, safe experience on Kijiji is our highest priority. Most users have an issue-free experience on the platform, but there are rare instances of fraudulent or suspicious activity. Take a glance at our top tips to help protect yourself.

Remember that Kijiji encourages you to buy and sell amongst your community! If possible, we encourage you to conduct your transactions in person and in a public setting, like a coffee shop or shopping mall. This will give you the opportunity to thoroughly inspect the item before completing the transaction. When scheduling a meet-up with another Kijiji user, pick a time during the day and in a setting with a lot of people nearby.On occasions that you do need to visit someone’s home to see an item, we enthusiastically suggest going with a family member or friend.As a safer alternative to carrying cash, consider a cashless form of payment! Bank transfers, mobile payments, and digital wallets are all great payment options.Be wary of users asking you to wire money to them. It’s an easy way to take your funds and disappear, and may tip you off to a scam. If you sent money using a wire transfer company like MoneyGram or Western Union, contact that company right away. Tell them it was a fraudulent transfer. Ask them to reverse the wire transfer and give you your money back:

MoneyGram at 1-800-MONEYGRAM (1-800-666-3947)Western Union at 1-800-325-6000

Don’t overlook suspicious emails asking you to confirm your Kijiji account or password, or if you receive a notification about an email address change that was not requested. These may be phishing attempts to gain access to your account. For more information about signing in securely to the Kijiji site Click here, Keep up to date on common, and emerging, trends for scams. You can find safety tips to avoid category-specific scams on Kijiji in our articles, “Tips for Avoiding Scams”: Tickets, Real Estate, Cars and Vehicles, Jobs, Services, and Pets,If you’ve received a suspicious reply to a listing you’ve posted, check out our Avoiding reply scams article. Never share your personal or banking information over the Internet. Be cautious of unsolicited emails or spam from unknown sources or questionable links in social media messages. They may contain malware that could harm your computer and potentially steal your personal data.Inform the Kijiji team right away if you’ve been exposed to any fraudulent or suspicious activity (via our Contact Us page) If you believe that you’ve been the victim of a scam, please visit our ” What to Do if I’ve Been Scammed ” Help article.

Trading during COVID-19 We recommend following the guidance from your local health authorities and Health Canada for how to stay safe and help prevent the spread of COVID-19 while buying and selling through Kijiji. For more information, please visit the Health Canada website directly.: Was this information helpful?

How do I search for a user on Kijiji?

How Can I Look at a Profile? – Both buyer and seller profiles can be viewed once they have sent you a message. Open your Chat section in the app and click on the photo or icon next to their last message. To see a seller’s profile before contacting them, click on their nickname or photo on the Ad Detail page.

Does Kijiji show your address?

Address – In most cases we don’t recommend giving out your address. If you are selling something that cannot be easily moved, it’s best to only provide your address over the phone or through private message after you’ve arranged the deal. By default, ads in the Cars & Vehicles section (and therefore Kijiji Autos) mask your address in a general area.

Is Kijiji for Canada only?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Kijiji Canada

Type of site Classifieds
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Owner Adevinta
Parent Marktplaats BV
URL kijiji,ca
Commercial Yes
Registration Required to post ads
Launched February 2005 ; 18 years ago
Current status Active ( kee- JEE -jee ; Swahili pronunciation:, village ) is a Canadian online classified advertising website and part of eBay Classifieds Group, which was acquired by Adevinta in 2020. It operates sections for cities and urban regions, for posting local advertisements.

  • Ijiji was launched in February 2005 as an eBay subsidiary and became part of the eBay Classifieds Group in 2007.
  • The Kijiji brand is used in more than 100 cities in Canada and with in Italy, while eBay Classifieds websites are available under different brands in other countries.
  • Ijiji parent is Dutch company Marktplaats BV since 2005, which is part of the same group.

Kijiji is the most popular online classifieds service in Canada and draws more traffic compared to competitor Craigslist in that country. The New York Times referred to Kijiji’s Canadian site as representing “one of the few online brands that fizzled in the United States but found success elsewhere.” Kijiji was made available to selected cities in the United States on June 29, 2007, however the brand was changed to eBay Classifieds in 2010.

Do people use Kijiji anymore?

Monthly Users – Kijiji currently has 42.7 million monthly users, which is nothing compared to the overwhelming 2.936 billion on the Facebook marketplace. As a result, this size is a good indicator of the app’s popularity, relevance, and ability to deliver on its promises.

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Do people buy stuff from Kijiji?

Including cars, new and used furniture, and jobs, to name a few. People using Kijiji to purchase goods and services or to make money by selling them usually report a positive experience. However, like on any market, buying or selling on Kijiji comes with the risk of scams.

Can Kijiji users see my email?

Receiving and Responding to Replies – When someone replies to you, you’ll get a notification in your email as well as in your Chat section. If you have push notifications active, you can also, To respond:

1 Open the app and tap Chat, If you receive message notifications, you can tap directly on the notification instead.


2 If you’ve come from a notification, you’ll already be in the conversation you need. If you opened the app manually, tap on the conversation you want to open. You should see the entire history of your messages back and forth. To see more, scroll up.


3 Tap on the Type a message here box and type your message.


4 When you’re finished, tap the send button (it looks like a paper airplane).


Your email address and the sender’s email address will remain (showing the domain as The only place where your email will not be masked is in replies to professional listings or ads in the Jobs category.Messages are only stored in your account for 60 days after the first message was sent. After 60 days, the conversation will be removed from your account and you will no longer be able to reply.

What countries use Kijiji?

From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Kijiji Canada

Type of site Classifieds
Owner eBay
URL kijiji,ca
Launched March 2005 ; 18 years ago

Kijiji ( English pronunciation: /kiˈdʒiːdʒi/ kee- JEE -jee ; Swahili :, Swahili for village ) is a centralized network of online groups of people for writing local online classified advertisements. It is a subsidiary of eBay launched in March 2005. Kijiji is currently available for more than 300 cities in Germany,

Further Kijiji countries are France, Italy, Canada, China, India, Taiwan, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, and Japan, Kijiji was made available to selected cities in the United States on June 29, 2007, under the name of eBay Classifieds, Kijiji offers similar services and is seen as a competitor to Craigslist with the biggest exception being that Kijiji has quite an extensive pets section.

Kijiji’s owner eBay is also a minority shareholder in Craigslist. In April 2008 eBay launched a lawsuit against Craigslist claiming that their executives were attempting to weaken eBay’s investment, while in May of the same year, Craigslist filed a countersuit claiming Kijiji had stolen trade secrets and that eBay used misleading tactics to promote the service.

Is it OK to give your phone number on Kijiji?

Kijiji’s website advised users to avoid displaying their phone number in their ad in order to avoid text-related scams. ‘We suggest that you remove your phone number from your ad.

Why is nobody replying to me on Kijiji?

If it’s the same email address – Your messages are likely caught in your junk or spam filters. To fix this, add [email protected] and [email protected] to your email safe list, as well as the domain,

How long does an ad stay on Kijiji?

After an Ad Has Expired – Once an ad has expired, it will no longer be visible to buyers on Kijiji. You will still be able to access and repost your ad from your My Ads > Inactive section for up to 60 days after it’s expiry. * After that final 60 days, the ad will be removed completely from the site unless it is reposted. If you want to repost an ad that has expired, please access your Kijiji account, select “My Ads” on Desktop or “Listings” on the App and then “Inactive Ads” and you will be able to repost any of your ads that expired. Expired ads will remain available for reposting in the ‘Inactive Ads’ tab for 60 days. Was this information helpful?

Why did Kijiji delete my ad?

We understand the removal of your ad may lead to some confusion or frustration, and we are here to help! If your ad was removed from Kijiji then most likely, it did not abide by our policies. You should receive an email with more information regarding the removal.

Where is ad manager on Kijiji?

While all ads can be viewed on both Kijiji and Kijiji Autos, ads can only be edited from the platform they were originally created on. This means that while if your ad was originally created on Kijiji, it must be managed from Kijiji directly. For help with editing an ad on Kijiji, read Editing My Ad, To edit an ad created on Kijiji Autos:

2 Click your Profile Button (the button with your name) and select Manage Ads from the list.


3 Click Edit underneath the ad you would like to edit.


4 You’ll be brought to the main 3 categories of information. Select Edit on the section containing information you want to change.


5 Edit the information as needed. Note: Location and contact email cannot be changed after the ad is posted.


6 When you’re done, click Save changes & continue at the bottom of the screen.

Your ad will go live shortly after editing. Changes that are made to your ad on Kijiji Autos will be reflected automatically to the same ad on Kijiji. Note : To Pause your ad, click Pause Ad in My ads, underneath the listing you wish to pause. Pausing your ad will not affect your ads expiry; unpausing your ad resets the expiry date to 31 days from the unpausing date.

Do people get scammed on Kijiji?

#1 — Fake payment scam – In this scam, the scammer will contact the victim, saying that they would like to purchase an item the victim is selling. The scammer will explain how they cannot collect and pay for the item in person and that it will need to be delivered — most often to a location far away, normally in the US. How To Review On Kijiji The payment will be completely bogus. The scammer is simply trying to trick the victim into thinking they’ve received the money and it’s OK to ship the item. Watch out for people offering more than the asking price (they will often be fairly generous, too) and fake payment notification messages sent from suspicious email addresses —,, and, for example.

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What is the safest way to get paid on Kijiji?

Cheque – Cheques are easier to fake than cash, and there’s no guarantee that they won’t bounce. The safest option is to ask for a certified cheque and go to the bank with them to cash it before the vehicle is signed over. Preferred Secure Cashless Payment Methods As a safe alternative to carrying cash, consider choosing your preferred third party (at your own discretion).

What do Americans use instead of Kijiji?

Kijiji, a Flop in the U.S., Rules Online Classifieds in Canada (Published 2015)

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How To Review On Kijiji Janet Bannister, a general partner at a seed capital investment fund, founded Kijiji, a Canadian online classified service owned by eBay. Although Kijiji is now used by almost half of all Canadians, eBay continues to advertise it heavily. Credit. Ryan Enn Hughes for The New York Times TORONTO — If Kijiji is remembered at all in the United States, it is probably as one of ‘s unsuccessful attempts to challenge in online classified ads.

  • But in Canada, Kijiji is now practically synonymous with classifieds.
  • More than 12 million people visit in Canada every month, three times the amount drawn to Craigslist in the country.
  • The service is used by 42 percent of Canadians, according to comScore, making it one of country’s 10 most popular sites.

It has also eclipsed other companies’ online businesses, including Cox Automotive’s once dominant used-car site, AutoTrader. That success is a striking counterexample to the globalization of the web, in which services like Facebook and Google offer a single product worldwide.

It also represents one of the few online brands that fizzled in the United States but found success elsewhere, as the social media pioneer Friendster has in the Philippines and Malaysia. How Kijiji achieved those feats is partly a story of good timing, arriving in Canada before Craigslist really took off in this country.

The success is also the result of the company’s tailoring itself to the subtle distinctions of the market, catering in particular to the tendency of Canadians toward thriftiness. “Canadians are traditionally penny pinchers, which manifests itself in consumer buying differences,” said, consulting director of buyer behavior research at the market analysis firm IDC Canada.

  • Ijiji has no fees for anything outside of a few specific big-ticket categories, which appeals to the penny pinchers in us.” These days, Kijiji has 6.7 million listings on the site.
  • The operation has expanded to the point that its offices sprawl through two 19th-century former factories in downtown Toronto.

While eBay does not separately disclose Kijiji’s financial results or the results for eBay Canada, the classifieds site is eBay’s largest operation in Canada. Variations of Kijiji now run in 32 other countries. And eBay Classifieds succeeded Kijiji in the United States.

But Kijiji’s success in Canada was far from certain — and it arose less from any master plan by eBay than from the desire by an eBay official, Janet Bannister, and her husband to move back to their native Canada in 2004. Four years earlier, Ms. Bannister joined eBay in California and became director of category development, working to expand the online auction site beyond its original niche of collectible trinkets.

When she returned to Canada, as director of product, she was put in charge of the features in the Canadian version of eBay. She soon found that the operation had a significant problem. “EBay Canada was doing a very good job of getting people in Canada to the website, but we were doing a terrible job actually getting them to transact on the website,” said Ms.

Bannister, who is now a general partner at Real Ventures, a seed capital investment fund. “We did some things on the website to try to address it, but it didn’t really close the gap.” A fundamental problem for eBay in Canada, Mr. Shiau said, is that Canadians generally do not like auction-based pricing.

On top of that, Ms. Bannister found that because Canada’s vast geography and low population density make shipping costs high and delivery times long, buyers of secondhand goods preferred to make deals in person. To Ms. Bannister, the answer for eBay seemed to be online classified ads.

  1. At the head office, however, the idea did not appear to be quite so obvious.
  2. At the time, about 10 percent of Canadians used Craigslist, a level many eBay executives thought meant that it was fully entrenched.
  3. Nevertheless, they gave Ms.
  4. Bannister some classifieds site software being developed for Europe along with a small amount of money to adapt the site and market the result.

The only thing the head office of eBay in California imposed was the name, Kijiji — pronounced Ka-jee-jee — which is Swahili for village. Ms. Bannister was horrified. “I was a user of Kijiji before I came here,” said Scott Neil, managing director of Kijiji Canada.

The one thing that surprised me was really how much people loved the site.” Credit. Ryan Enn Hughes for The New York Times “I was in a conference room and I wrote it down,” Ms. Bannister said of taking the call from the head office about the name. “I couldn’t even read it with all the i’s and the j’s.

I said, ‘I don’t care what it means. You’ve got to have a name people can pronounce and people can spell.’ ” There was no budging from headquarters on the name, though, so Ms. Bannister moved forward. At first, she avoided challenging Craigslist directly.

  1. Research showed that Craigslist was used in Canada mainly by young men looking for accommodations or to place personal ads, so Kijiji turned to young families and their quickly changing needs.
  2. Ijiji also was introduced in Montreal and Quebec City, largely French-speaking communities where Craigslist was then available only in English.
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Listings swiftly grew. Making money, however, was a more gradual process. Among other things, the site did not even introduce banner advertising until it had become fully established. Today, Kijiji has three revenue sources. In addition to banner ads, the site sells more prominent positions within results and more elaborate displays for ads like photo galleries.

  1. Also, car dealers and housing rental companies pay subscription fees for their listings.
  2. Despite those fees, the autos section is hugely popular, with 4.6 million vehicles listed last year, said Scott Neil, managing director of Kijiji in Canada.
  3. This month, Kijiji attracted about 160 car dealers to an annual sales conference in Toronto.

And in one measure of Kijiji’s success, Postmedia Network, the dominant newspaper publisher in most large Canadian cities, now uses the service to provide the used-car listings on its automotive websites. The growth, though, has come with criticism. The site’s pet listings led to protests from animal rights groups that it had become a haven for puppy mills, which led to policy changes.

And there are the somewhat predictable schemes. This year, and charged with fraud for reportedly using Kijiji to rent and collect deposits on a summer cottage he did not own. Mr. Neil said that the company had about 60 employees who searched listings for fraud and that it also used software to flag questionable listings or those prohibited on the site either by laws or company policies.

Although Kijiji is now used by almost half of all Canadians, eBay continues to advertise it heavily, placing ads on buses and on television during the current hockey playoffs. While he declined to offer specifics, Mr. Neil said the company was working on new ways to expand its already outsize presence.

  • Johnna Hoff, a spokeswoman for eBay, said the classifieds site fit into the company’s broader mission of connecting people in their communities.
  • Canada is a bright spot,” she said, “where customers have helped us build a fun, easy, safe place to buy, sell, trade, search and more through Kijiji.” As use of the site becomes more widespread, it could risk losing the sense of community built during its early days.

But Mr. Neil said there was just something innately Canadian about the service. “I was a user of Kijiji before I came here,” Mr. Neil said. “The one thing that surprised me was really how much people loved the site. Maybe I sound like I’m overemphasizing that, but I couldn’t believe how much it really resonated with Canadians.” A correction was made on : An earlier version of a picture caption with this article described Kijiji incorrectly.

What is Kijiji called in the UK?

Gumtree – Free local classifieds.

How do Kijiji make money?

How does Kijiji make money? – Kijiji makes money from commissions on sales and advertising. It has three primary sources of income: seller listing fees; fees for promoted visibility; and advertising.

Is Kijiji safe for renting?

If you are searching online for a new home, check out these tips to stay safe during the process of hunting for an apartment or purchasing a house or condo. Kijiji is a great way to buy or sell a house, list an apartment for rent, or find accommodations, How To Review On Kijiji If you come across ads or replies that are suspicious, be sure to report them to our staff, or the police if the situation warrants it. Here is how to keep yourself safe from real estate fraud:

View properties in person. Kijiji is only intended as a community site, and you should never rent a property without seeing it, or meeting the prospective tenant first. If either party claims they are overseas, they are unlikely to be legitimate. It is common that foreign fraudsters copy listings and won’t be able to show off the inside of an apartment. If they won’t show the inside, be aware that they might not own the building. When looking for rental units, be aware of photos that look very professional or that appear to be model homes. Sometimes listings for properties for sale are copied to rental listings. Be suspicious if there are descriptive passages that would only be relevant to buyers, such as when the roof or furnace was last replaced. These are also signs that the ad might have been copied from a house for sale listing. Be on your guard if the photos are grainy or only show small portions of the space, such as the bathroom. When visiting a property, make sure you bring someone with you, or ask for personal identification of anyone you invite into your home. Make sure you tell someone who you are meeting and where you’ll be. Never send or wire money. Sign a contract, write a postdated cheque, and ask for ID of the other party. Kijiji doesn’t offer any type of buyer protection or payment programs. If anyone claims otherwise or you get an email advertising these services, please forward it to [email protected] as it is an attempt at fraud. Never give out your credit card number or sensitive personal or banking information to those you communicate with over the internet. Be very suspicious of any ads that want responses such as your age, occupation, income, gender, bank, or SIN number as these can also be attempts to steal personal information. Educate yourself about common types of fraud. Be suspicious of offers for large sums of money for helping with any task. Use your common sense – if it seems too good to be true, it most likely is.

Is it safe to accept PayPal on Kijiji?

Seller Protection – All sales with PayPal through the Kijiji app are final. Just like with a cash transaction, there are no refunds and sellers are protected against buyer claims and buyer fraud. See terms and eligibility.