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How To Review A Guest On Airbnb?

How To Review A Guest On Airbnb
How To Review Your Guests – Once your guests’ checkout is complete, Airbnb will prompt you to write a review of your experience with the guests. You have 14 days to submit the review but you can edit it later. Your review will be posted once the guest submits their review or the 14 days are up.

How do I write a review on Airbnb example?

Reviews that use the guest’s first name as an input variable – The review templates will pull the guest’s first name from the PMP. This will make your review more personable and increase your odds of repeat guests. Note: Hostfully users will have to substitute with the string

was a great guest. Communicative during the booking process and left the place clean and in great shape. Would not hesitate to have back again anytime. was fantastic. Quiet, considerate and left the place clean and in good condition. We recommend them to any hosts. was a great to host! Respectful, quiet, clean and organized. We have nothing but good things to say., we’d love to have you stay with us any time in the future. was awesome! Very communicative and respected the house rules. We’d love to have come back, but we also recommend to any host. Really nothing negative to say about, Easy to host, left the place clean, and respected the house rules. Come back anytime ! was great to host. Super easy to deal with, and communicated what we needed to know to help us make the hosting easy and smooth. Would have back any day. is very respectful and easy to work with. Please come again! was so lovely., it was such a pleasure to host you. I highly recommend to any other host. One of the easiest guests I’ve ever hosted. was organized, clean, and left the place in good order. Please come back one day! is fantastic and such a delight to host. Communicates well, respectful of the place, and left everything clean. Really enjoyed hosting you and would love to have you stay with us again. stayed at our place and we couldn’t have been happier. Communicative, clean, and respected the house rules. We highly recommend to any host. is the perfect guest. Checked in with no problem and left the place on time. Easy guest to host and would recommend to anyone. Guests like don’t come around very often. Easy to work with, and very respectful. Would love to host you again in any of our other properties. We hosted and it was such a delight! Friendly and clean, I’d gladly host again and recommend to any host. stayed with us and left everything clean and tidy. Respected the place, and didn’t bother the neighbors. We’d love to host again. was a great guest, followed the house rules, was independent, and left the place clean. I’d host any time and recommend to any host. It was a pleasure to host, Friendly and enthusiastic, but also very respectful of our place. Would recommend to any host., please contact us directly if you ever need a place in the area. left the property clean and in great condition. Was respectful and was one of the easiest guests to host. Recommend to anyone. Great guest! is kind, considerate and respectful. Left everything clean and tidy. We’d love to have you stay with us again, was quiet, organized and easy to communicate with. Would recommend to any host. can come back any time!

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How do I rate someone on Airbnb?

How does Airbnb’s review system work? – Airbnb’s review system is straightforward, and we’ll talk you through it now so that you can leave a review the next time you book accommodation with the website. After your stay, Airbnb will send you an email asking you how your stay was.

Does Airbnb punish hosts?

Host Suspended or Banned From Airbnb – What to Do Sign up for our mailing list and get Superhost tools to improve your Airbnb business. Don’t miss out! No one wants to have their host account suspended or banned from Airbnb. It can occur at any time if you break certain rules, even unknowingly, and it can be difficult to be reinstated after that.

Sometimes, hosts are unaware of why their account has been temporarily or permanently banned. In most cases, it’s simply due to the fine print in Airbnb’s that, let’s face it, we often fail to read. After five years and 1000+ positive reviews across multiple properties, one of our valued hosts on our Facebook Group shared with us his recent ban from the platform.

His ban was completely random and unexpected. In the blink of an eye, his well-established Airbnb business was no more. This is not the first, and definitely won’t be the last, case of its kind. So let’s take a look at some of the reasons why Airbnb enacts bans, how to deal with it, and some ways to help you move on.

Airbnb has a process by which they randomly review host accounts. If they come upon a listing they feel isn’t up to their standard of quality, they will temporarily, Examples of grounds for suspension include: maintaining a low overall rating, slow response time, too few accepted reservations, or too many cancellations.

After the suspension is over, your account will be monitored to see if you are improving on meeting their criteria. If you do not, the company could suspend your account again, or you could be banned from Airbnb permanently. Upon account closure, you will be unable to access any listings or features on the platform.

  • Multiple account or listing suspensions
  • Are in the bottom 1% of overall ratings by guests (Airbnb will give you a chance to improve)
  • You’ve infringed on Airbnb’s
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If you are banned, you can still host any guests that are planning to arrive within that week. For any guests set to arrive later than a week, their reservation will be canceled, and Airbnb will find an alternative property for those guests. These reasons seem pretty straightforward; however, some bans take hosts and guests by surprise.

  1. Don’t Ignore Your Messages – You should try to reply to any guest messages within 24 hours. It can help to have an auto-reply set up in account through the messaging service if you’ll be unavailable for a few days. That way, guests know you’ve received their message and know to wait for further communication. When you don’t respond, guests feel ignored and frustrated.
  2. Don’t Let Your Ratings Drop – When you get bad ratings, don’t ignore them. They won’t “go away” on their own. When you get a negative review, start acting quickly to make it better so other guests won’t have a negative experience. Take guest feedback seriously, so potential guests who see you actively responding with corrections will have a more positive impression.
  3. Don’t Cancel Often – Emergencies happen and sometimes you have no choice but to cancel. But don’t let it become a habit. When you cancel too often, your listing becomes unreliable on the platform. Have a backup plan for when emergencies come up or you can’t be there in person (like smart key storage with spare keys).
  4. Don’t Let Your Account Go Dormant – If guests are requesting a stay at your rental often, but you’re not accepting, that can be a big red flag for the platform. Make sure you’re actively checking your account and accepting requests. If you’re not able to host guests for a bit, make a plan or update availability.
  5. Don’t Forget the Essential Supplies – There are some things you should be providing for your guests. Don’t skimp on the toilet paper! If you’re not offering the basics in your Airbnb, start now. Your guests need to know they have a reliable place to stay that meets their basic needs.

If Airbnb has banned or suspended you as a host, don’t stress. The first thing you should do is submit a formal appeal and review form. Then, even if they reject your appeal or it takes an extended period, there are other ways to keep your property’s income rolling.

Airbnb is only one of several home-sharing platforms, so this could be an opportunity to promote your listing elsewhere.,,, and are just a few sites where you can your property. Many of our followers who host suggest that you don’t stay bogged down by the ban. Even if your property is doing really well, it’s Airbnb’s loss that your property is no longer on their platform.

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Look for other websites to utilize, such as the ones mentioned above, and simply move on. With all this in mind, it might be worth appealing the decision, but don’t agonize after a final decision has been made. Unless you think a major mix-up is at play or the issue that got you banned was “fixable,” a reversal in Airbnb’s original decision isn’t likely.

Once the platform has suspended your account for the first time, act promptly and get those ratings and reservations up. If your host account gets banned going forward, double-check with Airbnb to make sure it wasn’t a mistake. If not, then look for other platforms to share your property on. Many websites are out there just waiting for you to upload some photos, your nightly rate, and a short description.

How to Write a Review for Any Situation – Airbnb Tips

Don’t give up—follow the rules and keep listing where you can. Jake Leavy has worked in the content industry for 8+ years. Travel writing has been his main focus, however, he also has luxury hotel management experience under his belt. He has traveled to over 50 countries and loves immersing himself into different cultures.

How do I respond to a bad review on Airbnb?

Responding to negative reviews – Writing a short, friendly public reply to a negative review gives you the chance to share how you’re making improvements. Guests tell us that when they notice a Host responds to feedback, it makes them feel more confident in booking, because they know the Host is receptive to suggestions.

Start by acknowledging the feedback and thanking your guest. This could be as simple as saying, “Thanks for your review, Mary! We really appreciate that you took the time to reflect on your trip.”

Share how you’ve improved your space. You might say, “We’re sorry the beds weren’t comfortable. Your sleep is important, so we added some comfy mattress toppers after your review.”

“As a guest, I don’t expect any Host to have 100% flawless reviews, but I’m much more impressed by those who take critical feedback seriously and demonstrate a will to improve,” says Andrew, a Superhost in Berlin. Reviews may be removed if they violate our Reviews Policy,

Do you have to write a review for an Airbnb guest?

Reviews on Airbnb consist of a star rating and a written review (up to 1,000 words)— both are optional for guests and hosts to leave.