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How To Respond To An Etsy Review?

How To Respond To An Etsy Review
How to respond publicly to a review

  1. On, open Shop Manager.
  2. Select your shop name under Sales Channels.
  3. Choose Reviews.
  4. Find the review and select Post a public response.

Can an Etsy seller refuse to sell to you?

Can I Refuse An Order On Etsy? Sometimes there’s a reason why an Etsy seller would want to refuse or cancel an order. Whether it’s because of a production problem or just for personal reasons, sellers often wonder if they can cancel an Etsy order without getting in trouble with Etsy.

  • As a general rule, Etsy sellers are allowed to cancel a sale and refuse an order for any reason, and without giving the customer an explanation.
  • Etsy gives sellers a list of reasons why the order is being canceled, and the seller can choose the reason before canceling the order.
  • Sellers are also allowed to refuse to accept an order from a customer before the order is placed.

Some sellers have a hard time refusing sales, but it’s important to be able to set limits for yourself and your customers, and to turn down orders if you have a reason to.

Should you message Etsy buyers?

Want to start an Etsy business but don’t know where to start? Watch our Free Workshop, We’ve helped over 9,000 people start their online business selling digital products. No prior experience necessary. Cheers! Sending a message to an Etsy buyer is a great way to make a positive impression and such an easy way to show your appreciation.

  1. Many sellers miss this opportunity to grow loyal customers, simply by not using the message to buyers option.
  2. A thank you message is an effective way to provide high-quality customer service without taking any extra time and effort.
  3. It can be written once and automatically sent to your customer after they place an order.
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You also can send it manually to personalize it, but that does take up more of your time. So using this automated message to buyers option is a great way to save time and show appreciation to your customers! Are you taking advantage of this awesome tool on Etsy yet? Or are you not convinced that it’s necessary? Here we will cover some tips for your Etsy message to buyers, with examples, that you can apply directly for your shop.

What happens if you leave a fake review?

You May Get Sued or Fined – The FTC, along with consumer advocacy groups and organizations, are known to crack down on companies posting fake reviews. Here are some recent examples:

The FTC announced a settlement with Cure Encapsulations, an Amazon seller that bought fake reviews of its product, a weight loss supplement. An online tasking platform called Service Seeking was fined $600,000 over 17,000 reviews that were made to look like they were written by customers, but were actually by the companies that completed the work. Cosmetics firm Sunday Riley Modern Skincare, LLC (Sunday Riley Skincare) and its CEO, Sunday Riley, agreed to settle an FTC complaint charging them with misleading consumers by posting fake reviews of the company’s products on a major retailer’s website, without disclosing that the reviewers were actually company employees. The FTC slapped a $250,000 fine on Legacy Learning Systems, a Tennessee-based music instructional DVD series seller that hired affiliate marketers to write fake positive reviews of its guitar courses.

With the risk of incurring legal costs, damages, and hefty fines, fake customer reviews are potentially a very expensive mistake to make. Getting caught also generates a ton of bad publicity, blemishing your brand reputation forever.

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Do bad reviews hurt sales?

Bad reviews can hurt a company, but how much a bad review hurts depends on how you handle it. Customer experience sums up a person’s feelings when interacting with a company. The customer experience begins pre-purchase when reading reviews and interacting with sales and marketing agents and continues post-purchase when troubleshooting and interacting with customer care.

When customers are unhappy, it changes the perception of a company. Ninety-seven percent of customers said that bad customer service changes buying behavior, according to a survey from Zendesk and Dimensional Research. And turning to a review site or social media, an unhappy customer can let others know about the bad experience with a company.

However, not all reviews are genuine. Fake reviews can bring a business or product rating down for no reason or try to lift another company above others. In July 2022, Amazon sued a group of Facebook administrators over fake reviews stating that admins solicited these reviews for money or free product to boost product and search rankings.