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How To Rate And Review A Podcast?

How To Rate And Review A Podcast
How to rate a podcast on Spotify Spotify Ludvig ‘Ludde’ Strigeus (born January 1981) is a Swedish programmer, best known for developing software such as the BitTorrent client μTorrent, OpenTTD, and Spotify. › wiki › Ludvig_Strigeus

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? Navigate to the podcast on Spotify (not to a specific episode) and tap the star icon underneath the podcast description. On Spotify, you need to listen to at least one episode before you can rate the podcast. You can currently only rate a podcast in the Spotify mobile app.
Page 2 – Select version: macOS Ventura 13 macOS Monterey 12 macOS Big Sur 11.0 Modifying this control will update this page automatically You can read other listeners’ reviews and leave one of your own for any show. Tip: You can also assign a rating to a show—from one to five stars—to indicate how much you like it.

Can I rate a podcast?

How to rate a podcast on Podchaser? – Navigate to the podcast on Podchaser and click on “Rate Podcast”. A popup will open where a listener can rate and review the podcast. They need to sign up for a Podchaser account. How To Rate And Review A Podcast Rate a podcast on Podchaser

Can I rate podcasts on Spotify?

From the main podcast page, tap the three horizontal lines under the podcast cover image. In the pop-up menu, select Rate show. Tap one of the five stars to leave a rating.

Can I rate podcasts on Google podcast?

Use Google Podcasts instead? – Ever since Google Play Music bit the dust, those of us with Androids had to content ourselves with Google Podcasts. Unfortunately, there’s no way to review shows within Google Podcasts.

How long should a good podcast episode be?

The answer is: It depends. If you’re creating interesting content that your listeners want to hear, then your podcast can be as long as it takes to keep them engaged. The length of your podcast also depends on your subject, industry or genre. It could be that around 15-20 minutes perfect for your listeners.

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How many podcast listeners is considered good?

4.5,000 listeners mark means you start acquiring a broader audience – As I said, here interesting things start to happen. With over 5,000 listeners per episode, you can become an attractive publisher for advertisers. However, this is not a given. A lot of advertising networks prefer shows with 10,000 listeners per episode, although I expect this number to come down in the near future, as networks start competing for more for ads space.

But you definitely can start diversifying your revenue now. In many cases offering services will be the right model for you. But if you are not a small business or a freelancer, you may want to look into the direct contributions model. Patreon and Apple Podcasters Program are very popular, but there are also others.

At this point, you should have a website that is getting an organic reach, so affiliate marketing should also be a part of your revenue mix. But this is a point where you should start thinking about potential sponsorships. Get your pitch deck ready, and add a section on your website with some audience data that advertisers might find interesting.

What is the success rate of a podcast?

Podcast Downloads vs Listeners – As we saw earlier, the number of downloads is not as important as the number of listeners. Downloads can be easily manipulated by republishing old episodes with new dates. The number of listeners tell you how many people are actually interested in your show and engage with it on a regular basis.

Tracking the duration of a listen is the most accurate way to find out how many people finish an episode. The average completion rate is 60%. It means that if you have 100 listeners, only 60 of them will finish the episode. The number can be lower for some shows and higher for others. The median number of listeners who complete an episode can range from as low as 100 to several thousand.

However, what matters the most is remembering that even with 100 listeners, a show can find its audience and expand its reach. There is no need to worry if your podcast doesn’t have millions of downloads. Even a small number of engaged listeners can help you reach your goals.

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Is there an index of podcasts?

The Podcast Index is here to preserve, protect and extend the open, independent podcasting ecosystem. We do this by enabling developers to have access to an open, categorized index that will always be available for free, for any use.

Where does my podcast rank on Apple Podcasts?

1. Count your Apple Podcasts position – If you already have a popular podcast, an easy way to check where you rank on Apple Podcasts’ charts is to manually check your position. Open Apple Podcasts and navigate to the Top Podcasts section. The first chart will show the top podcasts and episodes in your country. How To Rate And Review A Podcast Top charts inside Apple Podcasts For starters, click on the main category you chose for your podcast. If you can’t remember what you selected, head to your podcast hosting provider and check your dashboard. Castos users can go to their “Podcast Settings” and find their category selections under the “Feed Details” tab. How To Rate And Review A Podcast For our podcast, Audience, the parent category is Technology. Back in Apple Podcasts, we can click the Technology category and scroll through the top 200 shows in Apple Podcasts’ rankings. On their desktop app, we can also scroll the top 200 episodes to see if any of our individual episodes rank for this category.

A note if you’re using the Apple Podcasts mobile app, each ranking chart will only list the top 150 options. To drill down further, Apple Podcasts also lets podcasters choose subcategories. For Audience, they’re Business: Marketing and Education: How To. Apple Podcasts recently changed their user interface to remove podcast rankings for subcategories.

But they do populate 60 shows for each. A great way to see how to gauge your podcast against your peers is to check if the show is included in these subcategories. Click on the Browse tab and find the All Category section. Find the parent category the subcategories belong to and scroll through the recommended shows. How To Rate And Review A Podcast Apple Podcasts’ podcast rankings for the Marketing subcategory of the Business section. Now, you may not see your podcast in any of these Apple Podcasts rankings. That doesn’t mean your show isn’t available on their platform. It just means you aren’t popular enough yet for Apple Podcasts to recommend you to listeners.

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Are Apple podcast ratings anonymous?

Podcast Ratings Are Anonymous in Apple – If you are only leaving a star rating, your name will not be shown. Rating are anonymous. However, Apple will display your Apple nickname (not your full name attached to your Apple ID) when you leave a review. Worried about leaving constructive criticism with your name attached? You can change your Apple nickname but only on your Apple computer, not the iOS.