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How To Post A Review Sims 4?

How To Post A Review Sims 4
How To Post A Review In The Simfluencer Career – How To Post A Review Sims 4 If you want to get promoted faster, you should always complete your daily work task of posting a review, This is pretty easy, but you have to know what you should be interacting with and how to upload it. Here’s how you can do it:

Click on a review-worthy object and select the “Make Lifestyle Review” interaction – there’s no list explaining which objects you can review in The Sims 4, so you’ll have to use your best judgment and interact with what you’d expect to read reviews on in real life, objects such as cross-stitching kits, bikes, and such. Open your inventory – then select the “Make Lifestyle Review” interaction; your Sim will write it on their computer automatically; once they’re done, it’ll appear as a hard drive in your inventory,

How To Post A Review Sims 4

Press the hard drive and select “Upload Lifestyle Review” – selecting this option will make your Sims upload the review directly to their social media account; this will improve their follower account and boost their work performance,

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Why can’t my Sim post a review?

The sim needs to be using a computer to do this and I have previously noticed that my sims don’t seem to use the computer unless I tell them to sit at the computer first. When I had the sim sit in the desk chair, then clicked the lifestyle item and selected ‘review lifestyle object’, she started making the review.

How do you write a feedback report on Sims 4?

How to fill out reports in The Sims 4 How to fill out reports in The Sims 4 Knowing how to fill out reports in the Sims 4 is fairly simple and just involves interacting with a computer in your sim’s home and waiting. If you’re trying to push your sim down a business focused career path doing reports after work as part of your Daily Tasks in the Career tab is a vital thing to tick off in, To fill out a report in The Sims 4, you just need to interact with a computer in your home and select “More choices,” then “Web,” then “Fill out reports.” You’ll see this option is highlighted with a small briefcase icon, then all you need to do is keep your Sim focused at their desk until the day’s report is completed.

  1. You can check that you have completed the report by choosing the Career tab from the small menu at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, and then checking the status of your Daily Task.
  2. Completing the report every single day will improve your Sim’s job performance, which in turn will lead to promotions and more simoleons.

You can get an extra boost by also making sure your Sim goes to work in a good mood, so make sure they’re showered, fed, and have had a good night’s sleep before you need to head to the office for another working day. | | | | | | | | | | | : How to fill out reports in The Sims 4

Is growing together Sims worth it?

The Sims 4: Growing Together Reviews Mar 16, 2023 – PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 OpenCritic Rating People who enjoy home life and raising babies in The Sims 4 will love the new changes with the baby update and the Growing Together Expansion. There are loads of cute clothes, hairstyles, and interactions that were added for babies, toddlers, and children.

The social dynamics tend to get really deep and complicated, and weren’t my cup of tea. I’d like to not have to have constant conflicts and jealousy, especially when my Sims don’t have those traits (for a reason). An option to turn off cheating or jealousy would be great in future patches. The self-discovery traits have potential, but most times weren’t anything I’d have liked to add to my Sims.

Overall, Growing Together hasn’t been my favorite, but that is because I tend to have a different playstyle in The Sims 4 than what this is geared towards. But Growing Together addresses some of the past criticisms of the game. The Sims 4 has worked hard over the last few years to give players more options than ever to customise their Sims, and this pack is a continuation of that direction — with its focus on evolving large parts of the gameplay a refreshing attempt at making a Sim’s lifetime more colourful and rounded.

Although many fans have been anticipating the launch of The Sims 5 (like me), this latest expansion pack makes the wait worth it as the developers continue to improve on mechanics. I already know that I’ll be spending a lot of my time building my family’s legacy with the new features, and I highly recommend joining in on the fun to experience the joys and woes of a Sim’s virtual life.

Both the Infant Update and the Growing Together expansion pack adds more life to The Sims 4 experience. You can now play with infants, watch them grow, watch your Sims have milestones, and have the Sims recognize their family as family. While I enjoyed my time with the new expansion and update, I wish more was added to the overall experience.

  • I felt it was missing some key elements such as more interaction options between family.
  • Now, having said that, this is still a step forward, especially if you love creating families and want infants, this is the expansion to get and play with.
  • Because so much of Growing Together centers around expanding existing in-game mechanics and interpersonal minutiae instead of entirely new experiences, it’s easy for the EP to come off as shallow at first glance.

This DLC will undoubtedly be divisive simply due to the many different ways fans of the franchise like to play. However, the boundless narrative potential and amount of new content and depth for all age ranges makes The Sims 4 Growing Together a perfect fit for family-oriented Simmers.

While this expansion pack does present a whole new array of challenges – from diaper blowouts to random morning temper tantrums – it adds a much-needed sense of wholesomeness and realism to The Sims 4. It enhances the quirks of Sim relationships, provides goalposts for every Sim to strive towards, and provides a narrative-less game with a real sense of shape.

All in all, while I am not a Simmer that prefers a generational style of play (I typically play with aging turned off and mostly as Young Adults, Adults, or Elders), Growing Together still has plenty of features that appeal to me, from its wide range of catalog items in CAS and Build/Buy through to the gorgeous (albeit shallow-feeling) world of San Sequoia, and an all-new Soul radio station to listen to.

If a generational style of play does interest you, however, then The Sims 4 Growing Together will be exactly what you’re looking for. It brings much more (very needed) depth to the systems already in-game, with new likes and dislikes, Milestones, and Family Dynamics fleshing out how your Sims interact with one another.

Storytellers will likely have ample fun utilizing all of these new features, and it has to be said that removing these gameplay elements would take a lot away from how individual Sims are now starting to feel all these years after its original 2014 release.

  1. Overall, The Sims 4 Growing Together is an expansion pack that you’ll love if you’re a generations player and love playing with the same family across generations.
  2. The gameplay mechanics alone are enough to provide entertainment, which is a good thing as the world is somewhat bland and boring.
  3. Although the Build Mode items are confusing without a solid theme, the CAS items are stronger.

For gameplay alone, this is a great companion pack to the base game and perhaps another pack like Seasons or High School Years – if your focus is more on the familial gameplay aspect. Nevertheless, this does bring up an ethical debate. It can easily be argued that you would have gotten this and more with The Sims 3 Generations – possibly bundling The Sims 4 Growing Together, High School Years and Parenthood in one instead of being split into different packs.

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How do you give feedback to a report?

2 min read How To Post A Review Sims 4 Do you dread giving feedback to people? You want your top talent to grow and develop, but do you struggle to strike a balance between honesty and kindness in performance reviews or comments on a report? One of the challenges with written feedback is that it is hard to determine the tone.

  • We lack the benefit of social cues, so constructive feedback often appears harsher in writing.
  • Here are some pointers for effective business writing that will help you provide that feedback without emotions getting in the way.
  • Be positive Make sure you point out what is positive about someone’s work before focusing on what needs improvement.

People are less likely to get defensive when you appreciate their strengths and successes. For example: When giving feedback on a report, you can write: “Great job including all the facts in this report! It is very comprehensive. You need to proof again for sequencing and structure, however.” Stick to the facts Focus on specific, observable behaviors rather than criticizing the person’s attitude.

Use examples to illustrate what you mean. Instead of saying: Concerned about your attitude and lack of punctuality. Say: Your travel expenses and performance reviews for your team have been submitted late more than half the time this year. Decide what you really want Be specific when you point out what improvements you want to see; examples speak a lot more clearly than general descriptions.

Pinpoint the actions you are looking for! For example: When writing reports, use clear transitions between sections and make sure you put the bottom line on top. Simplify, simplify You may think that providing elaborate explanations softens the blow of writing constructive feedback,

The intention is good, but misguided. You want to remove a Band-Aid swiftly to shorten the pain, right? Same principle here: get to the point directly. If you need an employee to correct a behavior, don’t beat around the bush. Remember your ultimate purpose: to develop and grow your top talent. You want them to improve.

Defensive employees are not likely to listen to your suggestions for improvement, and therefore they will not change their behavior. Keeping your feedback positive, direct and personable brings you closer to your goal. How To Post A Review Sims 4 Ariel develops powerful and authentic communication skills to drive better performance for leaders and their teams. Whether you need to develop your next generation of leaders, connect global teams, build trusted relationships, or keep your workforce engaged and motivated, Ariel can tackle your most pressing business challenges.

How to do a report on Sims?

A report can be added as a favourite so it is available from Reports | Run Report and selecting the Favourites folder. Adding a report as a favourite also makes the report available from the My Favourite Reports panel on the SIMS Home Page.1. Select Reports | Run Report to display the Report browser.

Can Sims get famous on Simstagram?

10 Romance A Celebrity – How To Post A Review Sims 4 Sometimes it’s not what Sims know that counts, it’s who they know. And what better way to get ahead than by wooing someone already in the public eye? But it’s not as easy as simply walking up to them and having your Sim introduce themselves. Romancing a celebrity takes a good deal of luck and patience, but is a great way to become famous in Sims 4,

  • Sims wanting to woo a celeb will need to pluck up the courage to talk to them.
  • When interacting with a celebrity in the game, the ‘Attempt Introduction’ prompt should appear in the option wheel above them.
  • This option will either result in the Sim getting ignored, brushed off, or in rare cases a successful interaction.

From here a relationship can be built in the same way as others, and Sims will be able to bask in their newfound glow of fame. How To Post A Review Sims 4 Just like in real life, the best way to attract an audience’s attention and become well-known is to be active and engage with fans on social media platforms. In this case, Sims who want to become famous should take the time to post new stories on their Simstagram over and over and over again.

Can Sims get famous from social media?

8 Making And Mixing Music – How To Post A Review Sims 4 Via: Sims Community If your interests are more musical then the Mix Master Production Station is what you need. This will allow you to produce, remix, burn and release tracks. As with book writing, you can choose to release your music on your own or sign with a label to get different benefits. Signing with Maxis Music Machine will maximize your musical earnings. How To Post A Review Sims 4 via: The Media Production skill is new in Get Famous and can be leveled up using the video station or sound mixer items. You can also command a streaming drone to follow you and record a video or livestream to further boost your skills. It’s only a five-level skill and maxing it out is well worth the rewards. How To Post A Review Sims 4 If this all seems overwhelming then the Social Media career from City Living offers a great springboard. The work from home career will boost your skills in a more structured way as it offers a choice of rabbit hole option or tasks to do at home. For those unsure about building a career just using production skills, then climbing a few rungs of the Social Media career can help get you started.

How to get 1000000 followers on Sims 4?

How to Use the Followers Cheat in The Sims 4? – Now, the Sims 4 followers cheat removes the necessity to do any of the interactions mentioned above. It’s a quick plug-and-play type of solution. But to use any cheat in The Sims 4, you’ll first need to enable cheats in your game.

Luckily, there is an easy method to do so, and it’s this one. When you opt into the game, press down SHIFT + CTRL + C on your keyboard. This will open up the command console, or the “cheat box”, and in the dialogue bar, you’ll need to enter the cheat line testingcheats true, This allows the rest of the cheats to work properly in The Sims 4.

When you’re done, just press Enter and your game will accept all the cheats you want to type in next. Now, the followers cheat’s line is stats.set_skill_level Major_Charisma 10, So once again, you prompt the command console through SHIFT + CTRL + C and then type stats.set_skill_level Major_Charisma 10 and hit enter at the end.

  • This will instantly get you 1 million followers on your Simstagram account.
  • How”, do you ask? Well, it’s simple.
  • We mentioned above that the charisma skill is the most important skill for gaining fame, followers, and the rest in the Social Media career path.
  • So once you have your level 10 charisma skill, you can create a viral video.

The chances of it succeeding are almost 100%. A successful viral video grants you 1 million followers in The Sims 4. But even if it doesn’t succeed, a failed one will get you anywhere from 700 000 to 800 000 followers. And you can’t go wrong here! So, use the charisma skill cheat as a followers cheat in The Sims 4, then spam viral videos until you have 25 million followers!

How do you self publish on Sims?

Overview – The skill is enhanced by having the Sim inspired or focused, or by having the aspiration Bestselling Author under the creativity category. Other emotional states can benefit writing, which will result in higher quality books and larger royalty payments.

Sims with the Expressionistic trait from the Painter Aspiration can write all types of emotional books, even if they are not currently experiencing that emotion. Whenever a new book is started, a pop-up dialogue will appear, asking the player to type a book title and the description of the book’s content.

The title field will already have a randomized title, which the player may choose to overwrite, and the default description is always “This is a (Genre) Book.” After the book is finished, Sims may publish them by clicking on the mailbox and selecting either Self-Publish, Sell to Publisher, or Submit to a Literary Digest,

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How do I make my Sim a streamer?

How to Stream – How To Post A Review Sims 4 Sims can play video games and livestream by joining the Video Game Streamer side hustle. Players should prepare for the side hustle by ensuring they own a computer or laptop. Here are the steps to being a Video Game Streamer:

Click on a computer, laptop, or cell phone. Select the Career module. This will be a briefcase icon on the cell phone. When the Career Portal pulls up, scroll down until the Video Game Streamer part-time side hustle is visible. Select the morning or night shift. Click the check mark on the bottom right-hand side of the Career Portal to take on the side hustle.

Build/buy mode has many items perfect for gamers to have their dream setup, as new PCs, LED lights, and official gaming chairs are all available with the pack. Players can send their sim to work, work from home, or take PTO when it’s time for a shift to start.

  1. Sims will typically need to livestream a game or livestream with friends when working from home.
  2. To do this, click on a computer or laptop and select the Career module.
  3. This pulls up more options such as livestreaming specific games, advertising streams, choosing a SimTuber avatar, and checking side hustle followers.

Choose which game to livestream, and it will automatically start.

What are side hustles in Sims 4?

The Sims 4 will now offer a video game streaming career – Teenage Sims will be able to engage in ‘side hustle’ careers, one of which is ‘Video Game Streamer’. This allows them to make money from streaming online – 20 simoleons an hour – and also allows them to create SimTuber Avatars.

Other side hustles include activities with chess club and computer club, all of which can help boost the skills, interests, and funds of teens.They’ll also be able to design outfits on Trendi and influence other teens via fashion, with each activity helping to guide their path through school, and their popularity with their peers. launches for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on 28 July 2022,

: Every new feature coming to The Sims 4: High School Years

Can Sims be pregnant with twins?

Everything you need to know about having a baby in The Sims 4. – The odds of your Sim having twins or triplets is much lower than having a single birth. But through some gameplay tricks, you can make it more likely that your Sim will have a multiple birth.

  • Twins: your Sim has a 10% chance of having twins.
  • Triplets: your Sim has a 1% chance of having triplets.

There are lots of ways to increase the chance that you Sim will have twins or triplets. Only one of these methods is included in the base game, while the rest are part of additional Packs. Remember that none of these methods guarantee your Sim will get pregnant with twins or triplets; they just increase your chances!

Do Sims get pregnant every time?

Pregnancy odds in The Sims 4 explained – The base chance of getting pregnant from any given ‘Try for Baby’ interaction is 80%. In other words – your Sims are very likely to conceive successfully on their first try, and two attempts should all but guarantee it. How To Post A Review Sims 4 However, if you’re looking for guaranteed instant results, you can check out the twins and triplets sections below for some additional pointers. Using any of these methods to increase your chances of getting twins or triplets boosts the success odds of ‘Try for Baby’ to 100% or even above: meaning that conceiving at least one baby is assured.

Can a Sim marry two Sims?

Now that Christine and Freddie are engaged, Christine can use the Romantic. > Elope With Freddie Immediately command to marry him on the spot. This is similar to how The Sims worked in its older iterations, with both Sims just swapping vows and smooches without anyone else getting in the way. This is fine if you’re in a rush or are role-playing a shotgun wedding, but you will miss out on some good rewards if you do this. advertisement Christine decides she wants an actual wedding. She can do this at any time with her phone, but be warned: the instant you choose to activate the wedding, the wedding will immediately take place. In previous versions of The Sims, you could plan ahead and figure out when you wanted weddings (and other social engagements) to take place. Not so with The Sims 4: everything always happens immediately when you give the command. Christine learns this the hard way at first. She tests out the command at night, thinking she will just plan the wedding for the next day. Unfortunately, everyone she invites is teleported to the park in the twilight, so they’re starting their “party” by being extremely hungry, tired, and needing to pee. No one is happy, and nothing has happened yet. Not a good sign since we’re trying to get a solid rating for the social event. Christine appeals to the time gods (i.e., we reload the save) and prepare a bit better. Around noon, she carefully contemplates her actions. First, take a look at this screen as she prepares to send out the invitations for the wedding. Although caterers, mixologists, and musicians are not necessary, they will make things more comfortable for the guests. However, they will need the right tools for their job: caterers need access to a kitchen of some sort, the mixologist needs a bar, and the musician needs any musical instrument. Although Christine originally decided to have the wedding at the park, these requirements make her think twice. The park does not have a kitchen; it has grills, but hot dogs at a wedding is a little tacky. The park doesn’t have a bar or musical instrument either, though we can buy one for the park anyway (and the cost is “free” since it essentially comes out of the infinite tax dollars of the city). Christine calls an audible and decides to have the wedding at her house. After all, the side yard has enough room to hold a wedding arch and a bar. It’ll be a little cramped, but it will work. She goes into Build Mode and makes the necessary arrangements. She also bakes a cake, then interacts with it and chooses “Add Wedding Topper,” then throws the cake in the fridge. It’s a little odd to be making a cake for one’s own wedding, but the cake is part of a minor wedding goal, so she prepares it now. Next, she saves again, then activates the social planning again. She decides not to hire a musician since she doesn’t have an instrument, but she does hire a mixologist and a caterer. When you hire any of those three positions, note that you can hire someone you already know, or hire an unnamed NPC. You can also have multiple ones if absolutely necessary, though most Generation 1 Sims won’t know enough guests to make that worth it. When choosing who to hire, you’ll see a list of all the people your Sim knows who can qualify for that position. As you see here, the only person Christine knows who qualifies for the mixologist position is Daniel Mosley. If Christine hires an unnamed mixologist, they’re guaranteed to be skilled; Daniel may have just started and could mess everything up. However, he’s free, and Christine is running out of cash, so she hires Daniel anyway. This may not be a risk you’re willing to take with your own Sims, especially if you’re using Generation 2 or later Sims who probably have enough money to splurge on a skilled townie. Christine finishes her plans and chooses her home lot as the site for the wedding. As with Christine and Freddie’s second date, the wedding starts immediately as everyone teleports to the house. Christine changes into a special wedding dress automatically. Any hired help goes to their stations at once: Daniel starts mixing booze, the caterer heads for the kitchen, and if a musician had been hired, they would have gone straight for an instrument. advertisement Christine has an obvious role to play too, but unlike dates, it’s usually best to get the main goal out of the way first. Because wedding starts in the afternoon, the guests are already reasonably taken care of with high need bars, It’s best to do the wedding now, then worry about feeding everyone. A wedding arch is not necessary, but it makes for a nice picturesque addition. Christine interacts with it and chooses “Get Married.” Here, she then waits : once that command is given, everyone on the lot automatically starts heading to watch. She needs witnesses to fulfill certain minor goals of the wedding, so she waits until they gather. If there were chairs, they would sit to watch, but Christine didn’t bother to buy any. If you wish to force the issue, you can interact with the spouse-to-be, then choose “Exchange Vows” to get the ball rolling. If you don’t, as Christine chooses not to, then the betrothed will automatically do so. Vows are given, as well as smooches. It’s a happy moment for everyone involved. except for the player, because of this pop-up box that causes an unexpected problem: If you say “OK” on that screen, you will immediately terminate the wedding. It’s nothing that crashes the game or causes any other seriously awful bug. However, this terminates the wedding and you will not be rewarded for doing it. Make no mistake: stakes are high to get the precious gold medal for doing it right. Note that if you elope, or if you don’t care, then clicking “OK” here doesn’t matter; if the two Sims already live together, the pop-up box won’t appear at all. We’ll address Managing Households in a separate page, but suffice to say, you can manage households any time. The Sims 4 no longer requires spouses to be living under the same roof, and there is no harm in letting them have separate addresses for the moment. So instead, Christine says “Cancel,” and the wedding continues, even though that seems like odd and unintuitive terminology. With the main goal complete, Christine starts to work on the minor goals, such as grabbing a drink from the bar and getting some food from the caterer. She also pulls out her cake from the fridge, and the AI is smart enough that the other Sims do not attempt to eat it. Christine cuts the cake and eats the first slice, thus fulfilling a minor goal, and then her guests decide to dig in as well. The wedding goes well, and Christine achieves a gold medal. Because of this, she gets almost a thousand simoleons’ worth of free household appliances and décor in her family inventory! At the end of the wedding, everyone goes home. including the groom. Christine didn’t marry Freddie just so they could live on opposite sides of the planet, but we’ll take care of that in the next section, Christine ends the night by selling the bar and the wedding arch to recoup a little of the cash she spent; hopefully, she won’t need the wedding arch again. Marriage in The Sims 4, like the previous iterations, does not confer any specific, special status changes. Spouses take on a little more jealousy if their significant others engage in romantic activity with others, compared to the jealousy they felt during mere dating. Also, as previously mentioned, married Sims do not necessarily need to live in the same roof. Children can be conceived and raised when both parents are separated and regardless of their relationship, if any. Sims can marry other Sims of the same gender. Divorce can happen, but otherwise, Sims can only marry one other Sim at a time. Also, unlike previous iterations of the franchise, no one’s name is changed after a marriage. Christine National remains Christine National. If she wanted to change her name, she would interact with a dresser and choose “Plan Outfit.” She could then change her name in the top-left corner, similar to the interface as it appeared in Create a Sim,

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Why can’t i publish my book Sims 4?

You can not publish a book from a bookshelf. You must have the finished book in your inventory to be able to Publish it. Best is to publish as soon as possible so you don’t risk your Sim putting it down somewhere.

Why won t my sim fill out reports?

In order to fill out reports in The Sims 4, players will need to have their Sim interact with a computer and then select the ‘More Choices’ option. From there, they should choose ‘Web’ and then click on ‘Fill Out Reports’ to get the task started.

Why won’t my sim write a bestseller?

How to Write More Bestsellers Sims 4 – Only Sims that have reached Writing Skill Level 9 can create bestsellers. Once you max out your skill, you can also complete the Bestselling Author Aspiration. To get started, follow the instructions below:

Give your Sim the traits necessary for a writer: Creative, Art Lover, Perfectionist, Bookworm, or Genius. This can be done at the Sim creation stage or by modifying the traits of an existing Sim with cheats. How To Post A Review Sims 4 Wait until your Sim gets inspired or focused. To get inspired, you can take a “Thoughtful Shower,” have some nice food, do Woo-Hoo, or browse the web for some art if your Sim has the Art Lover trait. How To Post A Review Sims 4 Head to any computer and select the “Practice Writing” interaction. How To Post A Review Sims 4 After practicing writing and reaching Writing Skill Level 1, you can start writing books. Do this by selecting the “Write a Book” interaction. Give your book a title and a description. At first, you’ll be only able to write children’s books. One book takes about four in-game hours to write, and you’ll need to write two books to become a Competent Wordsmith. How To Post A Review Sims 4 Once you complete the two books from the previous step, you can start publishing books to earn royalties. Keep practicing to progress your Writing Skill. Write five good books to become a Novelest Novelist. How To Post A Review Sims 4 Write five excellent books. To create excellent books, your Sim must be Very Inspired while writing. How To Post A Review Sims 4 Publish ten good or excellent books. The requirement is easy to complete if you’ve kept all the books written in previous steps. Head to a mailbox and select the “Submit to Literary Digest” interaction. It only becomes available at Writing Skill Level 9, and you can submit books for publishing once a week. How To Post A Review Sims 4 Wait until your Sim earns 25,000 in royalties from submitting their books to Literary Digest. Meanwhile, keep writing in a Very Inspired state until you create three bestsellers. Congratulations, you’ve become a Bestselling Author! How To Post A Review Sims 4

Why can’t i get my photo approved Sims 4?

Fashion Photographer: Approved Photos don’t appear in the mail

  • This was fixed in Patch
  • As part of the gig my Sim is supposed to post a photo to Fashion Simstagram but I don’t get the photos back after sending them to approval.

How To Post A Review Sims 4

  1. Photos taken in portrait mode seem broken.
  2. The photos should be back in the mail box after 1-2 days.
  3. Try only taking pictures in landscape mode.
  4. If that doesn’t work, here’s some other suggestions:
  5. There’s currently no real solution but you an try the following things
  • Replace the mailbox
  • Check your household inventory, especially on Monday after bills have arrived
  • If there’s more than one Sim in your household, check the other Sims inventory to make sure they’re not there.
  • Send as many photos as possible for approval.

This is how it should work

  1. Sims takes a photo that fulfills the requirements and sends them to the client.
  2. A bit later you should get a message if your photo was approved or declined. If you had at least one of them approved, you’ll now need to wait 24-48 hours. After that they should be back in your mail box
  3. Make sure that the photo is in the inventory of the Sim that applied for the gig
  4. Click on your computer then Freelancer > Post Photo to Fashion Simstagram.

How To Post A Review Sims 4