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How To Leave A Review On Groupon?

How To Leave A Review On Groupon
Leaving a Review

  1. After you redeem your Groupon, go to My Groupons on the app or website.
  2. Find the order for which you want to leave a review and select See Details.
  3. Select Write a Review.
  4. Follow the prompts provided to share your experience.

How do I see my reviews on Groupon?

How to Get Customer Feedback in Your Groupon Merchant Center – Visit and log in with the username and password we’ll send you once you start a campaign on Groupon, After logging in, you’ll be at your Merchant Center dashboard. How To Leave A Review On Groupon Click Feedback under Customers in the menu on the left sidebar to view the Feedback screen. Here you can view your overall star rating, as well as individual comments from your Groupon customers. This is a great way for you to gauge customers’ experiences of your business.You can choose to view all comments or sort through them by choosing Positive or Negative on the toggle bar in the middle of the screen. How To Leave A Review On Groupon

How do I leave Groupon?

Although we’ll hate to see you go, you can close your account upon request. To do this, you’ll need to submit a request through our privacy portal, Select Data Request and then, if you’re ready, choose Delete all my data and confirm. Note: This action will permanently erase both your Groupon account and your personal data, as well as any vouchers or Groupon Credits in your account.

Selecting the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of your daily email.Heading to the Email Preferences page of your account and selecting Unsubscribe from all Groupon emails at the bottom of the page.

Can you remove reviews from Groupon?

With that in mind, we are only able to remove a customer review if it is deemed factually inaccurate, unlawful, or in violation of Groupon’s terms of use. In addition, Groupon’s anti misrepresentation policy applies to ratings and reviews left on Groupon.

Is Groupon in the UK?

Groupon UK is located in London, England, United Kingdom.

How do I see all my reviews?

Apple / Android phones and tablets: –

  1. Open Google Maps or Google Search.
  2. In Google Maps, tap the account circle at the top right and choose “Your Business Profile,” or simply enter your business name in the query field of Google Search.
  3. Tap “Reviews” to see all the Google reviews left by your customers.

Does anyone still use Groupon?

Who Are Groupon’s Customers, Anyway? – ” Groupon customers are cheap—they visit once and then don’t come back! ” Our customers grab life by the Groupon, again and again.

1 in 5 U.S. internet users visits Groupon monthly. 86% say they wouldn’t have bought from a business if they hadn’t seen the deal on Groupon. 84% say they’ve already returned to (or are planning on returning to) a business they discovered on Groupon. They check Groupon first. When seeking out experiences, our customers are more likely to consider browsing, purchasing from, and recommending Groupon than they are sites like Yelp, Airbnb, and Trip Advisor.

What happens to unused groupons?

What is the Value of an Expired Groupon Voucher? Groupon is a service provider that created an electronic marketplace for local business. Through Groupon, merchants are able to offer promotional deals to local customers. In turn, consumers are able to access promotional deals offered by local businesses.

  1. The goal of this arrangement is to generate better prices on goods, services or experiences for consumers and enhance the scope, reach and results (hopefully) of merchants’ marketing efforts.
  2. The Groupon system works like this.
  3. When a consumer purchases a Groupon Voucher based on a merchant’s promotional offer, the Groupon Voucher has two separate values.

First, there is the amount that the consumer paid for the Groupon Voucher. Second, there is the promotional value of the Groupon Voucher. The promotional value is the spending power of the Groupon Voucher beyond what the consumer paid for the voucher. So, if a consumer pays $50 for a $80 Groupon Voucher from a merchant, the promotional value of the voucher is the additional $30 in spending power the voucher gives the consumer.

According to Groupon’s policies, the promotional value of the Groupon Voucher expires on the expiration date printed on the voucher. The amount the consumer paid for the Groupon Voucher does not expire until the voucher is used or is refunded. Therefore, Groupon’s policies suggest that you have always been able to redeem an expired Groupon Voucher with the merchant for the value you paid for the voucher.

Groupon’s policies also state that if a merchant refuses to honor your Groupon Voucher, “Groupon will refund the amount paid upon request in the original form of payment, or will credit the Groupon account of the purchaser with an equivalent number of Groupon ‘Bucks’ for future purchases on the site”.

  1. It is unclear how Groupon determines which refund methodology to utilize for a refund claim.
  2. The Class Action Lawsuit : Last year, a group of consumers filed a class action lawsuit against Groupon alleging that Groupon violated numerous state and federal laws.
  3. The consumers alleged that Groupon illegally used expiration dates and other restrictions on Groupon Vouchers, engaged in sales or advertising practices that violated various consumer laws and failed to make adequate required disclosures concerning the promotional deals offered to consumers.
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Last month, Groupon settled the class action lawsuit for $8.5 million. As part of this settlement, Groupon merchants were released from any liability related to the class action allegations. What the Settlement Means for Consumers : If you purchased or received a Groupon Voucher that required the voucher to be redeemed in the United States between November 1, 2008 and December 1, 2011, you are a member of the class.

  • Groupon plans to send an email about the settlement to its 34 million active subscribers relatively soon.
  • In order to participate in the settlement, you will have to submit a Proof of Claim Form.
  • The Proof of Claim Form will be available once the Court approves the settlement.
  • The deadline to submit your Proof of Claim Form will likely be set by the Court when it approves the settlement.

However, you should anticipate the deadline to be sometime in July 2012. If your claim meets the criteria outlined in that Proof of Claim Form, you will receive a Settlement Voucher. The Settlement Voucher is valid for 130 days from its issue date. During that time, you will be able to take the Settlement Voucher to the applicable merchant and receive goods or services in the amount that you paid for the Groupon Voucher.

If a merchant refuses to redeem a valid Settlement Voucher, you may submit a claim to the administrator of the settlement fund to receive a refund check for the purchase price you paid for the Groupon Voucher, plus 20% of the promotional value of the originally offered deal. All requests for refunds must be submitted within 185 days of issuance of the Settlement Voucher.

In addition, if the merchant on your Groupon Voucher has gone out of business, you may submit a Proof of Claim Form requesting a refund of the purchase price of the Groupon Voucher from the settlement fund. Refunds made on this basis will be sent to consumers in the form of a refund check.

  1. Commentators have already begun to speculate over the impact of this settlement for consumers.
  2. Many suggest that the settlement does nothing more than reinforce Groupon’s current valuation and refund policies (outlined above).
  3. However, there appears to be at least one important, yet subtle difference.

Under Groupon’s current policies, it appears that Groupon has the choice to either refund your purchase price or credit your account with equivalent Groupon Bucks. Under the settlement, if you cannot redeem your Settlement Voucher with the merchant (the merchant refuses or is out of business), the settlement fund will send you a check for the amount you paid for the Groupon Voucher.

  • The settlement does not allow for Groupon Bucks to be issued as part of the refund process.
  • What the Settlement Means for Groupon Merchants : According to a recent correspondence from Groupon to its merchants, Groupon believes that the settlement will likely mean “nothing” for most Groupon merchants.

Groupon explains that it estimates that only roughly 2% of class members are eligible and will make valid claims. The letter indicates that if you are a merchant potentially impacted by the settlement, Groupon will contact you directly if and when a valid claim is submitted for a voucher that you were paid for.

  • Groupon advises merchants that it expects claims to begin around August 2012.
  • If a valid claim is made against one of your Groupon Vouchers, Groupon asks you to honor the Settlement Voucher for the cash value paid by the consumer for the original voucher.
  • You do not have to offer goods or services in the amount of the promotional value because the promotion has expired.
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Groupon’s letter also states that whether or not you are directly impacted by a Settlement Voucher, you are nevertheless protected by the settlement agreement and release. Ultimately, it appears that merchants are expected to continue to treat expired Groupon Vouchers the same way they always have, i.e.

  1. Honor the cash price paid for those vouchers.
  2. The interesting question is: what happens if you refuse to honor Settlement Vouchers? Although would-be customers must seek relief from the settlement fund and have no recourse against you, this does not mean that Groupon has also given up its rights to pursue claims against you.

Merchants should review their Groupon contracts closely to determine their potential exposure from refusing to honor expired Groupon Vouchers for the cash value of the voucher. © 2012, J.D., M.B.A. Michael James, a senior attorney at Fraser Trebilcock Davis & Dunlap, P.C., provides representation and counseling related to all facets of business enterprise and healthcare matters.

What happens if you buy a Groupon and don’t use it?

What Is the Groupon Refund Policy? – One of the best things when you run a Groupon campaign is how your offer can encourage people to try your business for the first time. The Groupon refund policy and the Groupon Promise give customers the peace of mind to try new cuisines, activities, and businesses that they hadn’t considered before.

  1. Even though the customer might not know your business, they know Groupon.
  2. Our Groupon refund policy is part of the reason customers are willing to try new things with Groupon.
  3. According to the Groupon Promise, if a customer uses his or her Groupon before the promotional value expires, takes a Getaways trip, or attends a Groupon event and is disappointed by the experience, we will work with the customer—and you, the merchant—to make the situation right.

To be eligible for the Groupon Promise, the customer must contact us within 14 days of the Groupon redemption. In addition, the Groupon refund policy states that:

For Local Deals, customers can return any unredeemed Groupon for a refund of the amount paid within the first three days after purchase. After that, all sales are final unless stated otherwise in the Fine Print. Groupons may always be redeemed for at least the amount the customer paid for it—even after the promotional value has expired. For Groupon Getaways, if a customer is unable to book the stay that he or she wants, during the available dates and before the book-by date, we’ll refund the unredeemed Getaways voucher. After the book-by date passes, all sales are final. However, the customer’s unredeemed voucher is always worth at least the amount paid for it. Even though the promotional value has expired, the customer may use the paid value as a credit with the merchant. For hotel reservations booked directly through Groupon Getaways, the specific cancellation and refund policies for the hotel will be listed in the deal’s Fine Print. For Groupon Goods, unless the Fine Print says otherwise, customers can return almost any item purchased through Groupon Goods within 30 days of delivery. This includes items that arrive damaged, defective, or have missing parts. After 30 days past delivery, items are non-refundable and all sales are final. Returns must be shipped with a Groupon-provided return label in order for the return and refund to be processed. For GrouponLive, refunds for ticketed events cannot be issued beyond the day of purchase, unless the event is cancelled or rescheduled. For info about refunds for cancelled and rescheduled events, see the GrouponLive Extraordinary Event Policy,

Before your Groupon campaign launches, it’s important to prep your staff about Groupon’s refund policy. Let them know that any customer who requests a refund should be referred to Groupon customer support page at, Our customer support reps will then apply the Groupon refund policy and work with the customer to resolve the situation.

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Why is Groupon so cheap?

What About Groupon’s Cashback? – How To Leave A Review On Groupon In addition to old-school coupons, Groupon also offers cashback deals through its Groupon+ program. You first need to have an eligible credit or debit card linked to your Groupon account. After that, it’s as simple as browsing Groupon’s list of cashback deals and claiming the one you like.

  1. At first, it appears that you paid full price for the product or service.
  2. But you’ll get cashback on your credit or debit card statement.
  3. This model lets you save money shopping without the hassle or risk of buying coupons and redeeming them in-store or online.
  4. Groupon makes money with cashback more or less the same way they do with coupons; by making deals with the vendors.

But unlike traditional cashback deals offered by cards and banks that are often between one to five percent, Groupon’s cashback deals range from 15 to 30 percent, so they’re just like regular discounts.

Why is it called Groupon?

What Is Groupon? – Groupon is a website and mobile app that offers coupons, cashback on purchases and group deals to consumers. Restaurants, retailers, and manufacturers use Groupon deals in an effort to lure customers into their establishments or to purchase their products.

  1. The word “Groupon” is a portmanteau of the words group and coupon.
  2. The company partners with providers of goods and services by hosting a discount deal and keeping a percentage of the profit as a marketing fee,
  3. That percent varies, but the reported average is 50%.
  4. Unlike a standard coupon, a groupon lets consumers pay the discounted price for goods in advance by purchasing the deal.

The average groupon grants a 15% to 30% discount, but it can be as high as 90%. For example, a merchant may offer $50 worth of food for $35 or a $200 spa package for $90.

Why do people use Groupon?

How Does Groupon Work? – Groupon is an advertising platform that is largely geared toward serving local markets. Businesses can use Groupon to promote discounts (vouchers) for services and products. Essentially, Groupon is a middleman that wants to connect you with people who will buy your services and products, because the more that people buy from you, the more money Groupon makes.

The process has historically been fairly straightforward: You create a deal that is then listed on the Groupon website and possibly featured in its emails to local markets. Customers purchase your deal, and the company collects money on your behalf. Groupon takes a cut off the top; you get the rest. Notably, the company is relying less and less on this heavily discounted voucher system and moving toward a “marketplace” model designed to foster ongoing relationships with businesses and customers.

Regardless of changes to Groupon’s model, a major benefit to using the platform is that it might expose your business to more ready-to-buy customers. Contrary to the information-gathering users who visit search engines like Google, people who head to Groupon have usually already decided that they want to make a purchase.

  • Relying on Google to get the word out about your small business is not always successful because you’re relying on its always-changing algorithms, and there’s no guarantee your site will be shown on page-one search results unless you purchase advertising.
  • In comparison, Groupon shows users everything on its site within a particular set of search parameters.

If your business matches what a consumer is searching for on Groupon, then your deal will show.

Where do I find my groupons?

Log in to your Groupon account and you see your user name in green at the top right corner. Hover over this with your cursor and a drop down menu will appear. Select ”my groupons’ and view your voucher to obtain your Groupon code and security code.

Is there a catch with Groupon?

Is There a Catch With Groupon? – The only catch is the time-limited nature of the Groupon discounts. With some deals, once a deal is announced and posted on the site, it’s relevant for 24 to 72 hours, after which the discount is no longer available. Coupons, on the other hand, are commonly valid for six to 12 months after you purchase, so there’s no rush to redeem the coupon the same day.