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How To Leave A Review On Google Podcast?

How To Leave A Review On Google Podcast
How to Leave a Podcast Review

  1. Scroll down to find the subhead titled ‘Ratings & Reviews.’ Under the highlighted reviews, select ‘Write a Review.’
  2. Next, select a star rating at the top — you have the option of choosing between one and five stars.
  3. Once you’ve finished, select ‘Send’ or ‘Save’ in the top-right corner.

How long does Google podcast review take?

Why isn’t my podcast on Google? – Be sure to follow all the steps in How do I get my podcast on Google Podcasts, Be aware that it can take up to six days after Google finds and processes a valid podcast RSS before that show will appear in Google Podcasts. If you’ve waited and your show still isn’t appearing, follow these troubleshooting steps,

How do you rate a podcast show?

Page 2 – Select version: macOS Ventura 13 macOS Monterey 12 macOS Big Sur 11.0 Modifying this control will update this page automatically You can read other listeners’ reviews and leave one of your own for any show. Tip: You can also assign a rating to a show—from one to five stars—to indicate how much you like it.

Can I rate on Google podcast?

Use Google Podcasts instead? – Ever since Google Play Music bit the dust, those of us with Androids had to content ourselves with Google Podcasts. Unfortunately, there’s no way to review shows within Google Podcasts.

Can you leave a review on a podcast?

How to rate a podcast on Podchaser? – Navigate to the podcast on Podchaser and click on “Rate Podcast”. A popup will open where a listener can rate and review the podcast. They need to sign up for a Podchaser account. How To Leave A Review On Google Podcast Rate a podcast on Podchaser

How much does it cost to host a podcast on Google?

Total plays for your show or episode – Google Podcasts Manager is free to use and requires only a Google Account and a podcast feed to sign up.

Are Google Podcasts free?

Part 1. What is Google Podcast App? – How To Leave A Review On Google Podcast Google Podcast (formerly Google Play Podcast) is Google’s proprietary podcast-listening app. It comes pre-installed on some Android smartphones and all Pixel editions. Even Apple users can install Google Podcasts via the App Store. It’s free and lets you discover, stream, and download podcasts.

How do I use Google podcast manager?

Add new shows and episodes – Once you have verified your show in Podcasts Manager, you can always add new shows and episodes to the tool. Step 1 To add a new show, open the drop-down list of shows from the show-level page. Click “Add show” and follow the instructions in the “Add and Verify” set up.

How do you appreciate someone’s podcast?

“This is the best PR email I have ever received.” – “First, awesome email and approach. You are good! Second, are you taking new clients?” “I really appreciate when we get pitched for the podcast in a thoughtful, intelligent way. You guys did a great job.” “Thanks so much for taking the time to write a very personalized email. I receive a lot of email pitches and yours is one of the best by far.”

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How do I get 1000 listeners for my podcast?

Optimize your naming and descriptions – Podcasts are a great way to build a following around a specific topic or theme. But before you can start building your audience, you need to choose a name. However, to optimize your podcast for visibility, make sure your episode titles and descriptions are clear, concise, and keyword-rich.

Use actionable language that accurately reflects the content of your episode, and be sure to include relevant keywords that will help your podcast rank in search engines. Keep your episodes updated regularly, and promote new ones across your social media channels and website to help drive traffic and build an audience.

Don’t hesitate to get analytical. Optimizing your titles, descriptions, and notes can make a huge difference and boost your visibility across platforms. The more people know about your podcast, the more likely they’ll listen to it. The key is to leverage keyword-rich titles and descriptions, accompanied by appropriate use of tags.

Do podcasts have ratings?

How ratings and reviews work on Apple Podcasts – Ratings Listeners have an opportunity to rate your podcast on a scale of one to five stars. When a listener rates your podcast, it informs your podcast’s average rating, displayed on your show page. Reviews Listeners can also add a written review for your show.

  1. Reviews can have titles and descriptions and are displayed below the average rating on each show page.
  2. Listeners can post one review per show.
  3. Tap Write a Review again to edit your review.
  4. Reviews are associated with a listener’s Apple ID and are specific to a country or region.
  5. For example, if a listener rates or posts a review with a Canadian Apple ID, that review or rating is only visible to other users in Canada.

Listeners can see all of their ratings and reviews by tapping on their profile photo at the top of Listen Now, then Ratings and Reviews. They can swipe to remove a rating or review. As a podcaster, you can read your ratings and reviews from all countries in Apple Podcasts Connect,

How many listeners is good for a podcast?

4.5,000 listeners mark means you start acquiring a broader audience – As I said, here interesting things start to happen. With over 5,000 listeners per episode, you can become an attractive publisher for advertisers. However, this is not a given. A lot of advertising networks prefer shows with 10,000 listeners per episode, although I expect this number to come down in the near future, as networks start competing for more for ads space.

But you definitely can start diversifying your revenue now. In many cases offering services will be the right model for you. But if you are not a small business or a freelancer, you may want to look into the direct contributions model. Patreon and Apple Podcasters Program are very popular, but there are also others.

At this point, you should have a website that is getting an organic reach, so affiliate marketing should also be a part of your revenue mix. But this is a point where you should start thinking about potential sponsorships. Get your pitch deck ready, and add a section on your website with some audience data that advertisers might find interesting.

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Why is my Apple podcast review not showing?

Podcast Hosts: You Cannot See All of Your Reviews on Apple – Podcast hosts often approach PodPros saying that they’re not getting any reviews, even when people say that they are leaving them on their show. Here’s what’s happening:

First off, Apple takes up to 7 days to approve each review, so you won’t see a review for up to a week. Second, and more commonly, podcast hosts can only see reviews from within their same country. So, if you’re in Canada, and I’m in the USA and leave you a review on your podcast, you cannot see the review that I left.

^ Stupid? Yes, I agree. That’s not a good design. Here’s what PodPros is doing about this: We’ve launched PodLottery. Not only does this super fun app for podcast hosts get more integrity-based reviews for your show, but it also allows you to see ALL of your reviews globally.

How do I get interviewed on a podcast?

2. Start your research into each podcast and your outreach – To get interviewed on a podcast, a good first step would be to make a list of podcasts you’d like to appear on. Once that is out of the way, it’s time to start researching each individual podcast you want to appear on and contacting each podcast host to see if they’d be willing to host you.

It’s worth checking out each podcast individually to see what the best way of getting in touch with each host is. For example, some podcasts may list contact information on their website that you can use, or a link to the podcast hosts social media accounts where you can send them a message. You can look at the previous guests who’ve appeared on any particular podcast.

You may find that you know or have a connection to a previous guest who might be able to give you an introduction to the podcast host. You should also check whether the host conducts interviews or has guests on their show. Some hosts prioritize sharing their own content and thoughts instead of hosting guests.

If you don’t see any previous guests listed on prior episodes, then it’s safe to assume that the podcast host doesn’t do interviews. It’s worth looking at how regularly new episodes are published. If the host hasn’t released any new episodes in a while, e.g. months, then the podcast may no longer be active.

For some podcasts, though, you may have to get creative with your outreach and try different methods. One outreach technique that can work well is cold email. You’ll need to spend some time finding the relevant email addresses of the podcast hosts you want to reach out to. How To Leave A Review On Google Podcast Once you’ve got their email, you can send them a personalized cold email asking them to appear on their podcast. Ideally, before contacting any podcast host or contact, you will have listened to some episodes of their podcast before reaching out to them.

  • Doing this will give you insights into their podcast and show the podcast host that you have a legitimate interest in what they have to say.
  • Try to keep your email relatively short and to the point.
  • In your email, make sure you clearly outline who you are and suggest some topics you’d like to talk about.
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The Harvard Business Review has a great example email template that you could base your outreach emails around: Hi (name), My name is X. I really enjoyed your recent discussion with Y about, and I wanted to reach out because I also run a startup in the fintech space.

We just and I wondered if you might be interested in discussing it? I thought this might be especially relevant to your listeners because of, If you think it might be a fit for your podcast, I’d be honored to continue the conversation. Please let me know and thanks for considering. If you’re looking for some other potential email templates to use, Lemlist has some great examples here.

Google Podcasts Manager to the Rescue? EHHHHHH (Podcasting Tools and Tips)

Whichever outreach method you use (email, social media, or using a website contact form), there are some general tips to follow that will increase the chances of you getting a response; they are:

Always make your outreach personal to the person you are contacting. Make sure you personalize every message or email to the specific podcast host you’re reaching out to. Keep your outreach concise and on point.In your outreach emails or messages, provide your contact details with any appropriate links to your online assets (website, blog, social media, etc.). Also, provide your bio and relevant credentials and achievements, a list of topics you’d like to discuss, and any appropriate social proof that you have, e.g. mention any connections that you may have in common or other podcasts/interviews you’ve conducted.

Once you’ve heard back from a podcast host and scheduled the interview, you’ll want to make sure that you have all the necessary recording equipment at hand. If you don’t have one already, it’s worth investing in a high-quality microphone, so the recording sounds as professional as possible.

If you are appearing on video, then make sure you conduct the interview in a well-lit environment using a high-quality camera and microphone. You will also need some simple video recording software like Loom or Vidyard that can help you record videos as well as have calls with other people. Of course, you should follow basic courtesy as well.

If you can no longer make the scheduled recording, let the podcast host with as much notice as possible, and whatever you do, don’t pull a no-show! How To Leave A Review On Google Podcast You may well need to follow up a couple of times to get a response. Some podcast hosts receive more interviews than others and may take a while to return your email. If you don’t hear back within seven to ten days, it’s worth sending a short follow-up to check whether they received your first email.