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How To Leave A Review On Aliexpress?

How To Leave A Review On Aliexpress
Method 1: If you haven’t confirmed the delivery of your order – For this method, you’ve just received your item but have not yet confirmed delivery. The steps are divided into two main stages. First, you confirm receipt of the item and then, you leave a review. Step1: Sign in to My AliExpress Visit the AliExpress website and login to your account. How To Leave A Review On Aliexpress Source: Step2: Confirm the receipt of your order Click on your Orders, select the delivered item, and click “Confirm receipt.” Note that once you have confirmed delivery, you cannot open a dispute. You can only initiate a return if need be. How To Leave A Review On Aliexpress Source:

Step3: On the Leave Feedback for this Transaction page click Leave Feedback Once you have confirmed receipt of the goods, AliExpress automatically asks you to leave feedback. Step4: Rate the seller Rating the seller involves choosing the number of stars you want to give and enter an explanation of your rating. Your feedback should include the quality of the item and the seller’s service

How To Leave A Review On Aliexpress Source: Step 5: Click Leave Feedback

Why can’t I leave a review on AliExpress?

How to leave feedback on AliExpress after you confirm receiving the order – You can leave feedback only when you click the “Order received” button. AliExpress will automatically offer to leave feedback as you confirm receiving of the order. If you agree, you will get to the feedback page.

Does AliExpress have reviews?

AliExpress has a rating of 3 stars from 7,437 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Reviewers complaining about AliExpress most frequently mention customer service, credit card, and buyer protection problems. AliExpress ranks 11th among Wholesale sites.

Can you trust AliExpress reviews?

Is AliExpress Legit? – AliExpress is a legit company and a reliable marketplace to buy from. While some of the sellers on the platform offer poor quality merchandise, AliExpress does a great job of providing a safe purchasing environment. For example, AliExpress will provide you with a full refund if your product doesn’t arrive on time or if it is not as described.

If you are unsatisfied with your product, you must first contact AliExpress to report the problem. If the seller is not willing to rectify the situation, you can open a dispute. If the seller does not respond to the dispute, AliExpress will refund your purchase in full.

Once AliExpress settles the dispute, you will receive your money back within 2 weeks. Basically, the AliExpress buyer protection program protects you from getting shipped junk and prevents outright fraud. As a result, AliExpress is 100% legit and safe to buy from.

Can I delete reviews on AliExpress?

Delete all reviews for a product –

In your AliExpress Review Importer admin, go to the Products tab.Choose the product you want to delete reviews and click the trash icon.

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How do I see my reviews on AliExpress?

5. It says I imported 15 reviews but I don’t see any reviews in the Reviews dashboard. Where are my reviews? – Sometimes it takes a while for your reviews to show up. Please wait a few minutes and refresh the reviews dashboard to see your reviews. You can check your imported reviews in the reviews dashboard of AliExpress Review Importer,

Can you chat with a real person on AliExpress?

How do I contact AliExpress? You can contact AliExpress by emailing them, starting a chat with a live agent on their website or by leaving them a message on one of the social media platforms. Alternatively, you can use their knowledge base if you prefer self-service support.

How do I return an item to AliExpress?

Free Return You have 15 days from receiving the item(s) to return your order without explanation as long as: – All items are in perfect condition and in the original packaging. – Any safety seals are not damaged and all labels are retained. How To Use ‘Free Return’ Service Open a dispute within 15 days of receiving the order Print a Free Return label Go to the designated return point Wait for your refund Service Scope If the seller offers Free Return, it will be clearly marked on the item details page. FAQs About Returns 1) What is the deadline to apply for a return? You must apply within 15 days of receiving the item(s). To return items, you must keep them in perfect condition, without using or removing the labels and the original packaging.2) Who pays for the shipping costs when making the return? If you are returning multiple items from the same seller, please return them together to enjoy Free Return on all items.

  1. If you return the goods one by one, you may need to pay an additional shipping fee.3) How long does it take to be refunded in full? A full refund will be given once we have received your package and confirmed that the conditions for reimbursement have been met.
  2. The sooner you return the item(s), the sooner you will get your refund! 4) How do you deliver/deposit the refund? Your refund will be returned using the same method used for the original payment of the purchase.5) How can I make an exchange instead of a return? We’re sorry, but item exchanges are not currently supported.
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However, you may place a new order before or after receiving a refund, since the return order and the new order are independent processes.

Are there fake sellers on AliExpress?

Aliexpress Scams You Should Know – 1. Fake Sellers: Scammers create fake seller accounts to sell counterfeit goods or items that never get delivered. Buyers should check seller ratings and feedback to avoid such scams.2. Bargain Bait: Scammers list products at unrealistically low prices to lure buyers.

Once payment is made, the item might never be shipped, or the buyer receives a substandard item. Avoid deals that seem “too good to be true.” 3. Phishing Scams: Scammers send phishing emails pretending to be AliExpress, asking for personal details or payment information. Be cautious of emails asking for account updates and always verify the email source.4.

Disappearing Seller: A seller may quickly close their account after receiving payment, leaving the buyer with no recourse. Check the seller’s history, review, and ratings before purchasing.5. Ship-and-Switch: Scammers send a wrong or cheaper item to buyers, with the hope they won’t dispute their purchase.

Always check delivered items against the original listings and report discrepancies.6. Fake Tracking Numbers: Scammers provide fake tracking numbers to make it appear the package is in transit. Monitor the tracking information, and if it does not update, contact the seller or open a dispute.7. Payment Outside of AliExpress: Scammers may ask buyers to make payment outside of AliExpress via direct bank transfer, Western Union, or other methods.

Always pay within the AliExpress platform to ensure buyer protection.8. Counterfeit Products: Some sellers on AliExpress may sell counterfeit goods or products that infringe on intellectual property rights. Check product details carefully and buy from reputable sellers.9.

  • Store Credit Scams: Some sellers may offer store credit instead of refunds if the buyer encounters an issue.
  • However, this store credit may have limited or no usability.
  • If unsatisfied, seek refunds through the AliExpress dispute resolution process.10.
  • Unreasonable Return Demands: Scammers may demand buyers return defective items to an international address, leading to high shipping fees.

Contact the seller to negotiate a more reasonable solution or seek help from AliExpress.11. Order Manipulation: Scammers may ask buyers to cancel the order with a reason that may cause the buyer to lose protection coverage. Never cancel an order without first contacting AliExpress customer service for advice.12.

How do I know if a seller is trusted on AliExpress?

3. Find a Reputable Seller: The Feedback Page – How To Leave A Review On Aliexpress The easiest way to avoid using refund and dispute channels is to find a reputable seller. It makes ordering from AliExpress much less worrisome. If thousands of satisfied customers have used the seller in the past, you’re far less likely to run into problems.

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The most obvious way to check a seller is to look at their history. On any seller’s page, click the Feedback tab for a complete breakdown. To safely buy cheap tech from Chinese sites, checking seller feedback is essential. Each seller has a Positive Feedback percentage and Feedback Score, The Feedback Score is the sum of all ratings converted into points.

Four- and five-star ratings are worth one point, three stars are worth zero, and one- and two-star ratings deduct one point. Further down the page, you can see star ratings subdivided into Item as Described, Communication, and Shipping Speed, For each sub-category, you can see whether the seller in question is above or below the site average.

Lastly, at the bottom of the page, you’ll see a historical look at their scores along with buyer comments. As a default, you will only see comments from top raters from all over the world. After viewing those comments, you should sort for the latest ones as well as those from buyers from your country.

Doing this will give you clearer expectations and mean you can check if the product meets the standards of customers where you live. Besides this, you can sort by negative comments to see just how far the product falls short of others’ expectations and if it’s a deal-breaker for you.

Is AliExpress good for cosplay?

Can I trust AliExpress with my money for cosplay? I have had good luck with them so far. No problems, and they are fairly good at customer service and you get several email updates. Not to mention the option of having money back should you suffer the risk of loosing money on a purchase.

Can customers delete bad reviews?

Is it legal to remove bad reviews? – It is legal to remove bad reviews (or get them removed) as long as you’re not violating the Consumer Review Fairness Act, This act allows businesses to prohibit or remove the following types of reviews:

  • contains sensitive or private information; or
  • is defamatory, harassing, abusive, vulgar, sexually explicit, or inappropriate; or
  • is unrelated to the company’s goods or services; or is otherwise inappropriate.

Simply put, removing genuine negative reviews is not permissible, and if you somehow manage to do that, it will be illegal. Also, removing all bad reviews is unethical and somewhat contradicts the purpose of having a page for business feedback. Therefore, you can only remove negative reviews that violate a platform’s terms of service and content guidelines.

How do I remove fake reviews?

Understand which reviews to report for removal –

  • Report only reviews that violate Google policies.,
  • Don’t report a review just because you disagree with it or don’t like it.
    • Google doesn’t get involved when businesses and customers disagree about facts.
    • There’s no reliable way to tell who’s right about a particular customer experience.
  • You can’t report third-party hotel reviews. To flag an inappropriate third-party review, contact the third-party provider directly. To go to the third-party website, click the reviewer’s name. Soon after the provider removes or changes the review on their website, the update will show on your Business Profile.

Tip: Be patient. It can take several days to assess a review.

Does AliExpress refund counterfeit?

Guaranteed Genuine – Guaranteed Genuine is an additional guarantee that sellers may offer for some of their products sold on If the item you purchased under this guarantee is confirmed to be counterfeit, you will get a full refund (shipping costs included) from the seller.

Scope of Guarantee Not all products on come with this guarantee. Sellers can choose to offer this extra service, and will most likely do so if they have products belonging to the following categories: Fine jewelry, electronic cigarettes, computers, communication devices, consumer electronics, watches, sportswear and accessories.

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Guaranteed Protection Period You can submit refund requests up to 15 days after your order has been completed. You can do this by opening a dispute in the order details page. Please note that you can only open one dispute per order. Conditions for Submitting Refund Requests 1.

  • The product you purchased must be labelled as Guaranteed Genuine.2.
  • You can submit refund requests up to 15 days after your order has been completed.
  • You can do this by opening a dispute in the order details page.
  • Please note that you can only open one dispute per order.3.
  • You will be asked to submit as much evidence as you can to prove that the item you purchased is counterfeit.

Workflow Details

How do I report a seller on AliExpress?

To file a complaint against an AliExpress seller: Go to in your web browser and log in. Move your mouse cursor over the Help menu at the very top of the screen, and select Submit a Complaint from the drop-down menu. Then click the Submit a Complaint button on the next screen.

How to avoid buying fakes?

If you buy the product, take a look at the packaging. The USCC and CPSC recommend scrutinizing the labels, packaging and contents. If the packaging has anything suspicious, such as a broken safety seal, it could be a counterfeit product.

What is AliExpress review importer?

App highlights: – Get your social proof with AliExpress Review Importer! AliExpress Review Importer is a completely free app that helps you import reviews from AliExpress. After that, you can install Product Reviews (our other app with a free or paid plan) to display the reviews, or export the reviews and use them in any another review app of your choice.

  1. AliExpress Review Import will run multiple review imports in the background on our servers – not your shop’s.
  2. Approximately 25 reviews are imported per second.
  3. No browser extension required.
  4. You can quickly import reviews with our app, but this app does not display reviews.
  5. To showcase the reviews on your store, you can install our other app, Product Reviews (free or paid plan).

Alternatively, you can also export the reviews as a CSV and then import them into any another review app that you prefer.

How long does AliExpress take to review dispute?

Service client. What’s the dispute process after I have opened a dispute? After you’ve opened a dispute, the seller will be notified and need to reply to your request in 5 days. Please check My AliExpress > Refund & Disputes, click View details for updates/detail information of the dispute.

Why is payment blocked on AliExpress?

Insufficient funds in card or account of payment. Please top up your account for payment again or use another card/method instead. Rejected by bank or financial institution, only from whom the detailed reason for rejection can be confirmed.

Why is AliExpress not available?

Is AliExpress Available in India? – Currently, AliExpress is not available in India and is not delivering here as well. After the India and China situation, the Government banned many Chinese mobile apps in 2020, amongst AliExpress is one of them. Therefore, AliExpress is not available in India. AliExpress Banned in India. Now How to Do Dropshipping? & What To Sell in Winters?

Why can’t i order in AliExpress?

In order to ensure the safety of your payment, AliExpress will execute a verification process for every order. Some orders may be closed due to potential security reasons, including but not limited to: Scenario A: Coupon/discount has been used already by the same user. Please exclude coupon/discount for ordering again.