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How To Ask An Influencer For A Product Review?

How To Ask An Influencer For A Product Review
Example – Hi, My name is from, I’ve noticed that you and our brand share similar values and audience, and I wanted to say that you’re content is amazing. I’d like to offer you a chance to try out before it becomes available to the public. Would you be interested in checking it out and providing a review on ? If you’re interested, send me a reply, and we’ll send you a free copy of ! Best,

How do you ask an influencer for a rate?

#4: Do They Align with Your Budget? – Before you work with an influencer, you’ll need to consider whether they align with your budget. Sponsored posts can cost anything from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars — so it’s worth making sure you’re on the same page right from the outset. Later x Fohr: Nano Influencers vs Macro Influencers Infographic There are a few ways you can explore influencer rates. “You can make the bold request and ask for a rate card,” explains Later’s PR and Influencer Manager, Chrissy Abram, “If the influencer is interested and curious about working with you, typically they’ll be able to send over their rate card.” Some influencers may have a flat rate, while others will have more wiggle room.

  • There aren’t many formal guidelines on how much an influencer should charge — or how much a brand should be paying them for a collaboration.
  • It really depends on the type of influencer partnership you’re interested in and the influencer.
  • Ultimately, you need to consider how much you will gain from an influencer partnership, versus how much you are able to pay.

For lower budgets, you can explore working with Nano or Micro influencers — who typically have a smaller follower count, but a higher engagement rate, Want to find out which size of influencer is the best fit for your next marketing campaign? Get the free Later x Fohr influencer marketing report now:

How do you ask an influencer for insights?

How to Share Instagram insights with brands as an influencer? – When you want to collaborate with a brand on, brands may ask for the insight data of your Instagram account so that they can get an overall understanding of your account’s demographics and analytics. Brands can go to the chat box with any influencer and click on the “Request Instagram insights from influencer” button. At this stage, an insight request will be sent to you and you’ll see it in the “Offer” chat section. When you get this notification, you will have to upload a screenshot of your account’s insight. Otherwise, the brand cannot see any information on your account and will face the following error: Go to the insight section of your profile according to the above-mentioned steps, take screenshots of your account’s insights, and send them to the brand through the,

How do you message an influencer?

The ultimate guide to contacting influencers on Instagram – Once you find a creator you want to reach out to, check the bio in their Instagram profile. If they have an email listed in their bio, use that to contact them since it’s typically their preferred form of messaging. However, if they don’t list an email, direct messaging (DMing) is the best way to reach out.

Is it better to DM or email influencers?

Use the right channels – It’s also important to use the right channels to make your initial contact. Although you might be following an influencer on Instagram, it’s often best to contact them via email, not via DM, Emails are more professional, and they tend to elicit a higher response rate.

How many followers is enough for an influencer?

How many followers do you need to be an influencer? – The number of followers you need to be an influencer very much depends on the niche in which you operate. Mega influencers have many followers on their social networks, often more than 1 million followers on a platform.

How do you ask followers what content they want?

Ask your audience You could simply post a question or a poll on your social media profiles. For example, ‘What content do you want to see us sharing?’ If you would like open-ended replies, posting a question will be great.

Do influencers check their DMs?

How do I reach out to top influencers? (The Secret Trick to get a Response) – When reaching out to top influencers, remember that their inboxes are bombarded with pitches, comments from followers, and other offers. So, you need to find a way to stand out and make your presence known.

The trick is to start engaging with your influencers weeks or even months before you make direct contact. This includes liking, commenting on, and sharing their posts. You can even give them a shout out as experts in their niche so your followers can follow them, too. This works because you’re boosting their engagement levels while assigning them more value as experts in their niche.

If you’ve posted about a particular influencer, then a smooth way of sliding into their DMs is to let them know you featured them on your post. This gives them the opportunity to share your post and give you a shout out for the love. Once you decide to contact a top influencer about a possible collaboration, make sure you make it about them.

  1. Tell them how a collaboration can help boost their engagement and bring in more followers.
  2. Because you’ve already steered traffic their way, they’ll be more inclined to believe you.
  3. If you don’t get a response, then figure out alternative ways of contacting them.
  4. And while some influencers are bad at checking their DMs or emails, they’re very good about responding to comments on their posts.
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After commenting something relevant to the post, let them know that you messaged them about collaborating. If an influencer is highly active on Twitter, then shoot them a tweet letting them know you’re interested in working with them. The secret is to be straightforward, but not too pushy.

How do you ask for collaboration?

7. The Follow Up Pitch – If you have already reached out to an influencer but failed to hear back from them, you may decide to send them a follow-up collaboration email pitch. Its purpose is to provide more information on the previous subject or project you want to collaborate on and its benefits to the influencer.

  1. Here are some successful projects I have worked on:,
  2. Let me know if you want to work something out or call me on during,

The template is informative and prompt. It offers a specified date for further communication and ensures there’s no lost opportunity due to missed emails.

What is a rate sheet for influencers?

The Difference Between A Media Kit And Rate Sheet. – While some people use the terms interchangeably, a media kit and rate sheet are very different documents with totally different functions in the and process. Let’s go over them: Media Kit : A in the Blogger/Influencer world is a document that highlights key information and statistics about your blog and brand that a company would be interested in.

You provide a media kit to brands you want to work with as a way to introduce yourself and show them why partnering with you would be beneficial to their company and goals/objectives. Rate Sheet : An Influencer rate sheet is a simple document that is used when selling products or services. It typically includes details about the rate for each product or service you are offering the brand, and even potential packages or bundles.

It’s important to understand that your media kit and rate sheet are typically presented at different times. A media kit is something you would send to a brand first when introducing yourself and pitching the partnership and the rate sheet is something you would send after the brand partner has shown interest in working with you.

What you CAN include in your media kit is an overview of the services you offer to help showcase your valuebut remember, just don’t put a price tag on them to keep the conversation open. We’ll get into more about why this is important next. Now you understand that a rate sheet and media kit are not the same thing but the next question is why is it so important to keep them separate? A media kit is great for pitching to brands and piquing their interest while your blogger rate sheet should be used further into the negotiation process – usually when you’re discussing fees and deliverables.

So basically a media kit is WHY the brand should work with you and a rate sheet is HOW MUCH it will cost to work with you. You should think about it in phases just like you do when considering spending money on a product or service – first off, do you like/want/need it and then the next question is how much is it going to cost? Essentially, the media kit is a tool to make brands excited about the opportunity of working with you.

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Think about it, if you include your rates in your media kit and they are not within the budget the brand has for the partnership then they might just pass on working with you altogether. Instead, if you keep your blogger rate sheet separate you can ask for the brand’s budget and vision for the partnership then tailor your rate sheet accordingly.

We all know sometimes money can be blinding, even if you are in fact worth it and the best candidate for the job. So yes, some people put their rates in their media kit but it’s a good idea to keep them separate because it helps with the process. Of course, if you are the type where you don’t budge on rates no matter what, feel free to include them in your to cut out any unnecessary back and forth, but if you are open to being flexible with rates then keep your rate sheet separate and do the pitching and negotiation process in phases instead of all at onceit can really help you land more partnerships.

  • Every Blogger and Influencer should have a basic rate sheet that covers their basic B logger prices, such as cost per post i.e.
  • Cost of a basic blog post or cost of an Instagram post, etc.
  • But the best Bloggers tailor their rate sheets to the brand’s actual needs and the partnership opportunity.
  • What you can do is come up with your standard rates and then offer to create a custom package for the brand based on what they are looking to accomplish for the partnership or campaign.

Let’s dive deeper with an analogy to help you understand why being able to create a custom Blogger rate sheet is so important. Think of a rate sheet as a quote for a brand. A rate sheet should cover every item you are providing the brand and should give them different options to choose from.

For example, when you’re quoted car insurance, the insurance company will provide you with a quote and then recommended policies. Usually one of these policies covers exactly your minimum needs while the other options are more expensive but provide you with more “bang for your buck” so to speak. A B logger rate sheet should be similar in that based on the brand’s needs, you should create packages that speak directly to them so you’ll up your chances of getting hired and earn more income.

You can also combine a variety of your offerings to create appealing options for brands too For example, if a brand wants you to write a blog post on their product you can offer other packages that include promotion of the blog post on your social media channels.

  • Or you can have distinctions on the type of posts you can create such as a blog post mentioning the brand versus an entire blog post featuring the brand.
  • It always helps to entice the brand to spend more on your work by offering them different options they may have never considered.
  • And yes, maybe they won’t have the budget to add on any additional services but you never know if you don’t present the option.

You can always have a standard template for your blogger rate sheet that you just modify depending on the partnership. The rate sheet you present to brands can definitely make a difference in whether or not you land a partnership because it clearly presents what you have to offer and how much each service will cost the brand.

  • And since we all know that no Influencer is just a “one trick pony,” it’s a good idea to include prices for all of your available services like content creation and videonot just your sponsored blog post rates,
  • So let’s go over what to include in your Influencer rate sheet : Name and Contact Info Even if your contact information was included in the media kit you already provided the brand, make sure you include it again to make it easier for them to get in touch.

Also, since you may be sending the rate sheet separately via email, you never know if they will forward it to someone else on the team and your contact information will get lost in the shuffle. (And if no one can contact you then how will you get the partnership?!).

  1. Name
  2. Website/Social Info
  3. Email Address
  4. Phone Number

Partnership/Collaboration Opportunities You need to include what services or promotional opportunities you offer on your social channels and website. Make sure to separate each platform and services within each platform to make all of the options that are available super clear to the brand.

  • For example, a may cost more than a which may have a different value than a blog post.
  • So break up the available opportunities by platform and dive deeper within each platform to create various options.
  • And if you have a killer email list, don’t forget to offer an campaign too since typically brands get excited about emails (because they are usually a safe bet).
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In some cases, the brand will already know what they want out of the campaign, for example Instagram permanent posts or Stories, and other times they will have no idea what they need. That’s when you’ll have to put on your hat and make some serious recommendations on what would be the best fit for them to achieve their influencer marketing goals and objectives.

And it’s a good idea to include options you think would be a great fit even if they didn’t request them right off the bat. For example, if they are only interested in a permanent post on Instagram, include your prices for Stories as well. You never know if they’ll end up tacking on a few Stories to the partnership (even though they never anticipated it) because it seemed “worth it” to spend just a little more.

Pricing We suggest you do some research on the brand before you put prices on any of your services. For example, if you’re pitching to a start up it’s unlikely they will have the same influencer budget as a fortune 500 company. It’s a good idea to adjust your pricing depending on the partnership and what they are asking of you.

  • For example, a simple Stories campaign mentioning the brand should not cost the same as a 4 series Instagram post campaign.
  • And maybe they are asking you to go above and beyond what you would normally do during a typical campaign so of course the price would have to reflect the work involved.
  • Pricing is always a touchy subject because normally the response isit depends.

And since most travel Bloggers are international don’t forget to make sure you put the prices in the currency you expect to receive from the brand too! If you need help figuring out pricing for partnerships we can help. We offer for Bloggers, Influencer and content Creators who are serious about leveraging opportunities into paid partnerships.

Packages/Bundles Bundling various services and offering a discount is a good way to more than what they initially intended. Just think of when you buy something and the company offers you a “special offer” where if you spend a little more you’ll get exponential more value. Well, brands are run by humans and typically they think the same way as you.

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: How To Create An Influencer Or Blogger Rate Sheet