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How Long Does Merch By Amazon Review Take?

How Long Does Merch By Amazon Review Take
What To Do While Waiting for Merch By Amazon Approval How Long Does Merch By Amazon Review Take

The average wait for a Merch by Amazon approval is 3-6 months.One thing I’ve noticed is that people often sit and do nothing during that time.Then when they finally get approved, they go into panic mode because they are overwhelmed with what to do and how to start.In this podcast, I discuss a couple of things you should do while you wait.Even if you can only devote an hour a week on these activities, it will make a big difference in how you feel when that approval comes in.

: What To Do While Waiting for Merch By Amazon Approval

Does everyone get approved for Amazon merch?

If you’re in the Print on Demand business then you know that most Print on Demand (POD) websites allow you to sign up for free and get started instantly. However, with Merch by Amazon it’s a bit different. Getting into Merch by Amazon can be a difficult process for those who are new to the world of POD.

  1. Getting into Merch by Amazon requires approval and not everyone gets accepted.
  2. The company has strict guidelines and requirements, which is why this post aims to provide a step-by-step guide on how to get accepted into the program.
  3. However please note that following these steps doesn’t mean you’ll get accepted, it just means you’ll have a higher chance of doing so.

The very first step is to visit the Merch by Amazon landing page – Merch by Amazon – Once there, you’ll notice a tab that says “Sign Up”. You’ll want to click on that tab and then you’ll either sign into your Amazon account if you already have one or you can simply create one.

  • Just remember that whatever email you use to create the account is what you’ll use to sign into your Merch by Amazon account as well.
  • After this it’ll prompt you to the Terms and Services Agreement which you’ll have to accept followed by a page that’ll show you the 3 things you’ll need to provide Amazon with in order to get started.

These are:

Business contact information – This may seem confusing if you don’t already have a business set up of your own. If you don’t have a business set up of your own then all you’ll have to provide here is your First and Last name. If you do have a different business then you can use that info here. If you also have a website that’s gaining traffic you can also provide that in this section, this would just be to let them know that you’re already generating traffic of your own that can follow you to Merch by Amazon. Including this is not a requirement though. Bank account and routing numbers – Amazon needs this information so that they know they can pay you. It’ll ask you to select the country where your bank is located and this is where you may or may not need to do an extra step. Amazon supports banks from a good number of countries so you’ll just select the country that pertains to you, however if your country is not supported it will tell you that you can’t continue with an account set up. Social Security number or other tax identification number – this is pretty straight forward. If you’re in the U.S just fill out with your tax information. If you’re outside of the U.S then it will prompt you with what you need to provide which is likely to be your tax identification number in your local country.

The next step is filling out the Sign Up form where you’ll request the invitation and here’s where we’ll get into the 5 things that play a huge role into you getting accepted into Merch by Amazon. There are many factors 5 that I feel are huge components:

You have actually read and understand their Terms of Service agreement. This is huge because Merch by Amazon doesn’t want to spend their time having to worry about sellers violating their policies and it lets them know you won’t be an issue for them if you get accepted. Refer to some elements of the TOS in your application to prove you’ve read and understood them. Show them you have good quality designs ready to go. You can link to an exisitng storefront on another POD site or even your own website so they can see the quality of your artwork. Let them know you have done your research and that your designs will not infringe on any copyrights. It’s a big hassle for Merch by Amazon to continually monitor new listings for infringement on copyrights so it puts them at ease that your designs are all original. As mentioned previously, if you have a website of your own that’s generating traffic then it’s good to let them know that you’ll happily send traffic to their plaform which is a bonus for them. If you have already had success selling print on demand apparel on other platforms then let them know some high level stats. Make them feel like you are bringing value to their platform and that being accepted would be a win-win for both of you.

Those are the 5 tips you’ll want to pay attention to when applying for Merch By Amazon. As a reminder, following these tips won’t guarantee an acceptance but it should certainly increase your chances of being accepted. Best of luck on your Merch by Amazon journey!

How long does it take Amazon merch to publish?

What is Merch by Amazon? – The Merch by Amazon platform allows sellers to sell their own products (with their own designs), while Amazon handles all production and shipping logistics. In 2022, it’s essentially the best way to dip your toes into ecommerce with no upfront costs whatsoever. Here’s how it works.

  1. You create your design, Using any design software you like (including beginner-friendly, free ones), create your custom branded logo and save the file according to Merch by Amazon’s requirements (we’ll get to those shortly). Don’t worry. You do not have to be a professional graphic designer to succeed on this Amazon platform.
  2. Create your Merch by Amazon seller account, This process is 100% free and takes about 1-2 weeks to be approved. Make sure you have your preferred contact information, bank account/routing number, and SSN available. You will need these for Amazon to properly set up your account (and get you paid!) Want to see a walkthrough of the Merch by Amazon account set-up process ? We did the whole thing for you, so you can see what you’re getting into.
  3. Upload your design(s), Once your Merch account is approved, simply log in, choose the products you want to sell, and apply your design. Amazon makes this process painless with simple uploading instructions and plenty of color choices for the products they have available to you.
  4. Write your listing, This includes your Amazon product title, product description, and bullet points – all of which will help the Amazon algorithm determine if your product should be displayed when someone searches for it. The more well-optimized your listing is, the more it will be seen by the general online shopping public. Why is Amazon listing optimization so important for getting more sales? Learn the ropes here !
  5. Hit publish, Amazon will typically approve your design within a few days.
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Once your listing goes live that’s it. It’s ready to sell! Merch by Amazon is primarily for three groups of people :

  1. You have already been selling on the Amazon platform and want to augment your business with branded merchandise-driven royalties.
  2. You are hesitant to take the plunge to find and source your own merch product to sell on Amazon and want an inventory-less business experience.
  3. You are a graphic designer who wants to start/expand an existing apparel line with their own unique design skills (yay creatives!)

If you fall within any of these three camps, selling Merch on Amazon is worth a consideration. (Read below for your glance) Merch by Amazon works for buyers by offering products on the world’s most trusted online store with free prime shipping. This is a huge incentive to buy from you, instead of Joe’s Etsy shop with 21-day estimated shipping from China. Merch by Amazon works for sellers by eliminating inventory risk.

Never worry about running out of stock or quality assurance. Amazon handles these logistics on their end which also means fewer customer service hassles for you. Worried about pricing? With this merch program, you set your product price, which immediately reflects what your royalty earnings will be (more on that in the next section).

All of this, combined with access to hundreds of millions of potential customers on Amazon, make Merch by Amazon a no-brainer addition for existing sellers and the best place to start for aspiring creators itching to turn their quality designs into dollars.

What does under review mean on Amazon merch?

Under Review: A design in ‘Under Review’ status is being reviewed by our team to ensure compliance with the Amazon Merch on Demand Content Policy. Please allow time for the team to review your submissions. You will be emailed with an update once the product is live or if it is rejected.

Does Merch by Amazon really work?

How Much Money Can You Make With Merch By Amazon? – By this point, I’m sure most of you have a few questions like, “Is Merch by Amazon profitable?” or ” Is Merch by Amazon worth it?”, Well, the answer to both of these questions in our Merch by Amazon review is a resounding YES! Plenty of Merch by Amazon top sellers are making a full-time income from selling their products on the platform.

  • The niche you’re in
  • The quality of your designs
  • The demand for your designs
  • The price of your products
  • Your competition
  • How well you market and promote your products via Amazon advertising or elsewhere

But if you’re willing to put in the work, there’s no reason you can’t start making serious money with Merch by Amazon or at least add a nice passive income stream to your monthly budget. Regarding how much Merch by Amazon pays you for each sale, generally speaking, you can expect to make 13-37% commission on each sale (find out more about Amazon pay here ).

So if you sell a $20 t-shirt, you can expect to earn approximately $5 per sale. Of course, the more products you sell, the more money you’ll make. And if you’re able to sell your products at a higher price point, you’ll earn even more commission. So if you’re looking to make some serious money with Merch by Amazon, it’s important to create high-quality designs that people are willing to pay for.

You can learn more about how Merch by Amazon works out its predefined prices for every type of product and an outline of the Merch by Amazon royalties on their site.

How long does it take to get approved for merch?

6. Double-Check Everything – Double-check the above information entered and then click submit! You’ve now completed the application process required for Merch by Amazon. At this stage, you should see a message telling you that your request was successfully submitted.

Depending on the review time stated when you submit, Amazon, on average, suggests they take around 60 days to finalize their response. When they do notify you of their decision, it will be via the email address that you gave during your application process. So, ensure you keep an eye on this email account.

But some designers have claimed that they never received an email, but they continued to check in regularly on the Merch website itself.

Can you make a living from Amazon merch?

Merch by Amazon allows you to list apparel designs on Amazon and earn money from them. However, if you don’t know what to do, you’ll only waste your valuable time and energy. Like any other business model, Merch by Amazon is not a “get rich quick tactic”.

  • What is Merch by Amazon?
  • Who Should Use Merch by Amazon?
  • How Much Money Can You Make With Merch by Amazon?
  • How to Sign up for Merch by Amazon
  • How to Do Merch by Amazon Research
  • How to Create a Great Design
  • How to Submit Your Design to Amazon
  • Merch by Amazon Tiers and Limitations
  • How to Promote Merch by Amazon Designs
  • What Products Does Merch by Amazon offer?
  • Conclusion

Let’s start.

What percentage does Merch by Amazon pay?

What Are The Main Costs Associated With Merch by Amazon? Although you’ll be able to earn between 13.8% and 37.6% in royalties, depending on how you price your t-shirt, other costs are subtracted from the royalty price.

How long does it take to get a sale on KDP?

Pre-orders –

When will. Timeline
I need to submit the final manuscript for my pre-order book? You can upload your manuscript up to 72 hours before your release date. Note that you will not be able to make updates to your manuscript or book details within 72 hours of your release date. For the most accurate timeline, see the timer at the top of the title setup page in your Bookshelf.
My pre-order book release? We will release your book on the date that your choose when setting up your book. To confirm this date, you can check your book‘s setup page in your Bookshelf.
I be paid for royalties for my pre-order book? Approximately 60 days after the end of the month once you meet the monthly minimum sales threshold.
The review of my eBook be complete? Titles are typically reviewed and published within 24 to 72 hours.
My pre-order book that’s under review become available for editing again? This depends on when you upload your manuscript. If it’s uploaded weeks prior to the release date, then your book should be editable after we complete the review. If your manuscript is uploaded close to your submission deadline, then your book will be editable after its release. Refer to the question above for how long it takes to review an eBook.

For more information on how to check the status of your pre-order book, visit our pre-order page.

Can anyone sell on Merch by Amazon?

How Do You Sign Up? – Because of high demand, acceptance into Merch by Amazon is by invitation only. Anyone is welcome to fill out an application form, but it might take several months to hear back. Here’s how to get approved:

  1. Create an Amazon seller account or log in to your existing account.
  2. Go to the Merch by Amazon page.
  3. Click “Request invitation.”
  4. Accept the services agreement.
  5. Click “Begin Application.”
  6. Answer the questions and provide Amazon with your business information. How Long Does Merch By Amazon Review Take
  7. Submit your application.

Because of the long wait time to get accepted it’s best to apply as soon as possible.

How often does Merch by Amazon pay out?

Subject to the terms of this paragraph, we will pay you Royalties approximately 30 days after the end of the calendar month in which final payment for the applicable sale is made.

Can you really make money selling t-shirts?

Editorial Note: We earn a commission from partner links on Forbes Advisor. Commissions do not affect our editors’ opinions or evaluations. There are more ways than ever to start a business that also gives you a creative outlet. Selling T-shirts with your art, words or anything else printed on them is a great way to exercise your creativity and make money.

How do you rank on merch on Amazon?

So you have got some great designs on Merch by Amazon but now you need more eyeballs to help you sell your product. In this article we will discuss how to rank your products on Merch By Amazon. Understand the competition – this can be done by surveying your competitors, checking out their product listings and identifying which keywords they are targeting.

The important thing is to find a niche or subcategory where there isn’t much competition for you. You want to go after some of those low hanging fruit first before you tackle bigger fish like Harry Potter merch or something more competitive Find niches in Merch by Amazon that have less than 50 designs listed – if there are only 49 shirts then it’s not too difficult to rank high because no one else has targeted them yet but once they get up over 100+, things start getting tougher.

This strategy will help you grow with lesser competition as well and gives you time to expand into other popular categories. Next you need to understand how your description affects your rank. The description is the first thing people see and it’s their impression of your merch so you can’t just spam keywords in there.

You need to be descriptive for them, but also use some high ranking phrases as well as a few low competition ones. Some phrases you should use in your description are “limited edition” and “product will not be reproduced”. These phrases have high competition but they also have a higher ranking. You can even put the phrase for sale on amazon at the end of your description which is targeting people who look at other merch that’s for sale too.

Another strategy to rank well with less competition is using keywords in their title like ‘best seller’ or ‘highly demanded’. It might seem obvious, but no one else has usually targeted these words so it makes sense why they’ll get ranked faster! So it all boils down to research.

Now what you’re up against so that when you craft your title and description, it’ll rank higher. Merch by amazon is a t shirt creating platform where anyone can upload shirts to sell on their own store or as part of someone else’s merch island. They are created using an online editor which makes designing fun and easy for all levels! But also increases the difficulty of ranking.

Why should I use keywords in my descriptions? Using keywords in your descriptions will help you rank better and give customers a reason to buy. What are the best merch by amazon titles? Keep it simple and sell what people want! If you have good competition, use words like ‘best seller’ or ‘highly demanded’.

Do people make money from merch?

Making a profit by selling your own merch is tough if you do everything yourself. Luckily, Merch38 offers a solution that makes it easy and enjoyable – How Long Does Merch By Amazon Review Take Selling branded merchandise has turned out to be a lucrative business for many. Hundreds of dedicated online merchandise stores are making most of the business by selling branded merch. Whether you’re a blogger, a coffee-shop owner, an artist, or a game production company, you can also sell merchandise to make money. How Long Does Merch By Amazon Review Take Run your own stand-alone online merchandise store Sell your merchandise on Social Media Simply embed Merch38’s widget to your website Many products, such as T-shirts, mugs, sweatshirts, etc., are always in demand. Consequently, your chances of making an attractive profit on branded goods are always high with proper marketing.

How much can you earn from selling merch?

Even beginners who are only getting around 5,000 views per month can still make $1 – $20 in ads alone, and about $170 – $870 by selling custom merch. With the difference in income being this astronomical, it’s no wonder why successful YouTubers have pushed their own branded products toward their fan base.

Should I get merch before or after show?

It all depends on the type of concert and what kind of merch you are buying. If the concert has a very rowdy crowd (hard rock or metal concerts) there’s a chance your merch may be lost or damaged. If it’s a crowd without mosh pits or crowd surfers, holding on to your purchases is a lot easier.

Is selling merch on Amazon free?

Generate revenue outside of your app – Amazon Merch on Demand helps you increase revenue through the sale of branded products designed by you and produced, sold, and shipped by Amazon. Amazon Merch on Demand is a simple way for you to get started selling branded merchandise from a product page on

Can I have two Amazon merch accounts?

On Merch by Amazon, you are only allowed to have one account. This means that you cannot have multiple accounts for the same individual or business. Having multiple accounts can be a violation of the platform’s terms of service and can result in suspension or termination of your account.

Are there fees for Amazon merch?

Try free for 14 days, no credit card needed. Skip to content How Does Merch By Amazon Work?

How Long Does Merch By Amazon Review Take

Merch by Amazon is an on-demand t-shirt printing service. It allows sellers to create and list t-shirt designs on Amazon for free. There are no upfront costs and you get paid royalties when a customer buys your shirt. Simply, upload your design, choose colours and set a price — then let Amazon will take care of the rest.

Is it hard to get approved as an Amazon seller?

Third-party sellers are a big part of Amazon, but they also carry some big risks for a company as customer-centric as Amazon. If a customer bought something from Amazon and receives a product that is poor quality, then the customer will blame Amazon — not the third-party seller.

In orIn order to prevent these types of quality issues, and to protect the customer experience, Amazon has created an approval process that third-party sellers must follow in order to sell in certain categories. – Amazon Restricted Categories Let’s look at the specific categories that require approval to sell on Amazon,

The list is ever-changing, so there may be some product categories that haven’t been captured. The restricted categories include:

Personal safety and household productsHoliday selling requirements in toys and gamesJewelryGrocery and gourmet foodOrganic food, organic feed, and organic pet foodBeer, wine, and spiritsClothingStreaming media playersSelling books, music, video, and DVD productsWatch

What is a Gated Brand on Amazon? Some brands on Amazon are gated, so reselling such brand items will need to go through an additional permission process. You will be informed when listing your products if a brand is gated, It helps sellers prevent unauthorized sales of counterfeit or knockoff products. By getting selling approval, you can sell certain branded products. How to Submit a Selling Application on Amazon Amazon category approval requests aren’t usually too complicated but can take a little time to process. In some instances, when you send an approval request, you may be automatically approved. This can happen if you have been selling on Amazon for a while and have a good reputation rather than being a complete newbie. Step 2: Go to the Catalog tab in the menu bar and select Add Products, Step 3: Enter the category of products you want to sell in the search field, such as wine, coffee, or protein powder. Or you can also enter the ASIN of any particular product. Step 4: You’ll be taken to a different screen with one of two choices. Select one of them. Sell this product or Apply to sell.

Sell this product : Permits an instant start to product setup without requiring approval. Apply to sell : Requires category permission for the product type for gated brands.

Step 5: Select the condition New from the drop-down menu. Step 6: Click on Apply to sell. Then it will redirect you to the selling application page. Step 7: Click on Request approval, Before clicking that option please read the information carefully. Step 8: You will get a Selling application for Brand page, Here you are requesting approval to sell items of a particular brand. Choose one option from Submit documents here. If you choose this option, which is, At least 1 purchase invoice for products from a manufacturer or distributor – Then your document must be:

Dated within 180 days.Includes your name and address, matching the information in your selling account.Include the name and address of the manufacturer or distributor.Show the combined purchase of at least 10 units.Omit pricing information though it is optional.

After submitting these, Amazon may verify your submitted documentation by contacting product vendors you identify in your application. Or, if you choose this one 1 letter from the Brand authorizing you to sell their products – Then your document must be:

Dated within 180 days.Includes your name and address, matching the information in your selling account.Includes the name and address of the Brand.

You can choose only one option. So make sure that you are submitting the correct file for those options. You can also add comments while submitting your files. Step 9: After that, you must provide Email addresses or phone numbers to contact you. Use commas to separate addresses. You can also add Phone numbers. Step 10: Click on the Submit button and complete the process. If you want to check the status of your selling application, go to the Catalog tab in the menu bar and choose View Selling Applications, Here you can see which applications have been approved and which are declined. Final Thoughts Selling restricted category products on Amazon can get difficult sometimes. When setting up new products on Amazon, have your important documents close at hand and double-check the company information provided.

Make sure the papers you upload are formatted correctly, such as in PDF format, facing the correct direction, and accurately reflecting your company’s details. Any inconsistencies in the data could result in rejection. For more information on category and product approvals don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.

If you have any queries about selling on Amazon, feel free to comment below.

How to start working on Merch by Amazon?

Generate revenue outside of your app – Amazon Merch on Demand helps you increase revenue through the sale of branded products designed by you and produced, sold, and shipped by Amazon. Amazon Merch on Demand is a simple way for you to get started selling branded merchandise from a product page on

How often does Merch by Amazon pay out?

Subject to the terms of this paragraph, we will pay you Royalties approximately 30 days after the end of the calendar month in which final payment for the applicable sale is made.

What percentage does Merch by Amazon pay?

What Are The Main Costs Associated With Merch by Amazon? Although you’ll be able to earn between 13.8% and 37.6% in royalties, depending on how you price your t-shirt, other costs are subtracted from the royalty price.