How to Prepare Your Radio Ad

Discuss your business needs with your Account Executive and answer these questions. This will give us a good start on writing an ad for you that will help your business grow.

Use this worksheet: How to Prepare Your Radio Ad to write your own radio ad or give your Account Executive the tools they need to deliver something that will grow your business and improve your image among your customers.


  • Proper name of your business:
  • Is there also a familiar or short name you go by?
  • Business address:
  • Cross-streets or landmarks near your business?
  • Phone number we should use in your ad:
  • Do you have a tagline? (usually just 2-5 words)
  • Do you have a description of your ideal core customer? Who do you want in your store?


  • Avoid clichés because they make your ad sound like every other ad. You’re special!
  • Avoid rhetorical questions like “Do you ever have trouble falling asleep?” because the listener can just as easily think “No!” and stop listening to your message. We want everyone to be drawn into your message. Try: “If you have trouble falling asleep…”
  • Avoid using “Attention!” You probably wouldn’t talk to a customer that way, and your ad is an extension of the experience people should expect to get in your business.
  • Avoid odd sound effects that don’t enhance the message. Your message is already compelling, and a well-written ad will bring the right people to you for the right reasons.
  • Keep your ad updated. If an event is on Saturday, we’ll make updates as we get closer to the event with “tomorrow” and “today!” so it’s more relevant to the listener.


  1. Script: We’ll have a clear, typed script for the announcer to read, timed for :30 or :60.
  2. Production: The announcer will select music from our library, or use your jingle.
  3. Approval: You should hear the final ad and approve it before it goes on air. Please make time for us to meet or talk on the phone again so we know you’re happy with the ad.


Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are good radio ads. We can often fit something in urgently, but here is the preferred calendar for developing a high-quality ad you’re proud of:

Week One >>
Script approvedScript goes to ProductionBack from ProductionYou listen and approve, or make changesGoes to “Traffic” for scheduling next week
Week Two >>
Your ad runsYour ad runsYour ad runsYour ad runsYour ad runsYour ad runsYour ad runs