Being a Great Morning Show Interviewee

Making the most of your media partner’s outlets is a terrific way to showcase your business. Look for opportunities in their line-up like show interviews to show another side of you and your business.

Ruby Radio has three live shows every morning and twice on most weekday morning we bring in guests for short, fun interviews. They are are intended as a light conversation to add awareness about your programs and initiatives.


  • Sandy Beeler, host for Mix 96.7 FM will do the first interview. She’s very friendly and enjoys creating a warm environment with lots of laughs. She will bring you into the studio for a 3-minute live interview on Mix, Elko’s #1 station. She will take you over to BIG Country’s studio.
  • Tom Chase, host for BIG Country 103.9 FM will then do a similar 3-minute interview on BIG Country. This is a different audience of listeners, so it’s OK to tell the same story if it works because these folks have not heard it already. Tom will take you to the News studio.
  • Paul Valle, News Director for KZBI 94.5 FM and all the Ruby Radio station news, will do a third interview if time is available. If he can’t do live then, he may record an interview to run later.


  • Please be ready to introduce yourself or your project on air, like an elevator pitch.
  • Please be ready with a few stories or items about your project.
  • Smile and laugh. People can hear you smile and will be attracted to that.
  • Please keep to the key elements of your project that are timely and urgent. There is not much time for depth in 2-3 minutes.
  • Please take cues and hints from the announcers about when to tell more, or when to cut a story short. They are very experienced in what sounds interesting on air and want you to sound good.
  • Be aware that the announcers have a very fixed schedule they aren’t at liberty to change. There is much to juggle when running a morning show and they might seem distracted.


  • Don’t be afraid of the microphone. Just talk to Sandy and Tom, they’ll make it work.
  • Please don’t be late:
    • If your interview is at 7:00, be there at 6:45.
    • 8:00 am interviews should arrive by 7:45.


Ruby Radio
1750 Manzanita Drive, off Idaho Street, behind Wendy’s
Elko, NV 89801
(775) 777-1196 – though morning show interviews are typically run before the office opens.


Park in the spaces along the front of the building. There are two sets of doors. The outer door should be open for you. The inner door has a buzzer that rings in the studio.

Please be patient: if Sandy is on air at that moment, she will need to wrap a few things before coming out of the studio for you. You might have a little wait.

Most of all, have fun! You get to talk about your business or your organization’s mission. This is what you were meant to do!