Ruby Radio is your partner in promoting your business. Most business owners look at their businesses as a way to invest in their future and create something new. Being successful requires focus on what you do best, and access to resources and partners who can help you fulfill your potential. We have been focused on building the region’s largest audience, and reaching them with entertainment and news they want so you can share your message with them easily and affordably.

Not every station or solution is right for every business owner so Ruby Radio consultants will work with you to find the right advertising options that bring you customers and fits your budget for growth. Here is our commitment to work with our advertisers to grow their businesses. Below are several articles that might help you along your journey.

Ruby Radio’s Pledge to Our Advertisers:

Effectively Deliver the Largest Possible Audience

Your advertising goal should be to reach the most people with your message. All of our Ruby Radio stations strive constantly to build and broaden our audience. We’ll do what it takes to bring more people down the dial to hear your ad – with programming, promotions, and quality control – because advertising is about audience.

Limit the Length of Commercial Breaks

The reason people give most for changing the station is “too many ads.” And if they tune out, they won’t hear your next ad. We believe that your ad must be showcased to stand out, so we reduce the number of ads that run in the same break as yours.

Provide Top Quality Production

We want you to have the most interesting, attention-grabbing ad. If it doesn’t grow your business, it doesn’t grow ours, either. Our guarantee: We will write it well, and produce it as many times as it takes until YOU like it.

Charge Fair and Consistent Rates

All of our advertisers are on the same rate base. When it comes to price, we do not play favorites. Our rates are based on demand, and we will always offer you the best value available.

Marketing Approach

It starts with YOUR goals, not ours. We want your business to grow, and that means learning your plan. We’ll take a little more time with you, so that we can be clear on your plan for success. Then we’ll do our very best to provide you with an ad campaign that meets – and hopefully exceeds – those goals.

Tools & Training to Get Started As a Great Advertiser