The Elko County Republicans are hosting their Lincoln Day Dinner, this year with candidates and incumbents from both parties. Typically they host a keynote speaker but this year the party invited in candidates for several state-level offices to meet participants and address questions.


Miscellaneous: Ruby Radio Equal Employment Opportunity
2018-06-01 | by Lisa Kirkman

  Ruby Radio must post their Equal Employment Opportunity statements annually, according to FCC regulations. Below, please find our current report: 2017-2... Read More

Events: Opportunity Fair 2018
2018-08-08 | by Lisa Kirkman

|| EVENT INFO || COMMITTED EMPLOYERS || HOTEL INFO || GET TO ELKO || ABOUT ELKO || EVENT INFO Elko, NV has a really great problem! We have too much wo... Read More

Events: Italy Contest Rules 2018
2018-10-10 | by Lisa Kirkman

 DETAILED RULES FOR RUBY RADIO CONTESTS Name of Contest: Italy Date winner is to be announced: November 5, 2018   All Generic Contest Rules apply.  Any di... Read More

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